8.5X1.5 Magnets Allows You to Practice Disney Style Marketing

Disney Land is not only an ultimate definition of luxury, entertainment, and merriment, but sets great marketing examples. The Disney Institute has taught many marketers about new and old Disney marketing strategies. It has helped them to understand how to make the best of least resources for building the influence over customers. This blog is about using 8.5 x 1.5 magnets for practicing Disney style marketing and it works best for all businesses.

8.5x1.5 Square Corner Custom Printed Magnets 20 Mil

Package Your Brand to Sound it Magical
If you look around Disney, everything seems magical and out of the world. You can practice the same over customized magnets 1. 5x 8.5 to create majestic experiences. Although it may not offer you big space for positioning your business information, but it will definitely aid you to make big impressions, if you pursue full color printing. You can even pack simple marketing messages in an attractive format.

Allow Your Customers to Be Lazy
What makes a lazy person? He cannot switch to speed and takes time to react. Try to print inspiring promotional texts over customized magnets 8.5 x 1.5 such that it makes a recipient lazy the each time he sees it. Perhaps many marketing experts may not agree on this point, but if you define it as a “me” moment that you are offering to the customer, it will seem smart. Perhaps everyone is involved in the rat race and people do not have time to look at themselves in the mirror. By investing in an impressive full color magnet, you are allowing them to steal few moments to cleanse their thoughts and refresh their senses. People would actually love it.

Tickle Their Emotions
If you look around in the Disney Land, there is always laughter doing merry rounds and tickling emotions. Also going by marketing reports, people always leave with a feeling of “there is much more to explore, better luck the next time”, which inspires them to revisit. You can create an advertisement, which tickles emotions, triggers pride, and inspires repeated buying behavior. As said many times before, you do not need to work over a billboard or banner to tickle emotions, only you need to be smart to decide, which information will deeply percolate into their consciousness.

Offer Surprises
At Disney Land, people are inspired to purchase Fastpass tickets in order to move across rides without issues. Riders are asked to insert their park ticket and Fastpass at the entrance and a specific time will be generated. This allows the user to board a ride without a long wait. At several rides, they do offer unexpected fast ride passes for the next less popular ride. People love such bonus Fastpass, which allows them to enjoy to their hearts content. The success of this strategy stems from the fact that a visitor would start believing that he is a smart joy seeker and is making best use of his time at the Disney Land.

You can use 8.5x 1.5 magnets or other small promotional magnets to offer surprises to your customers from time-to-time. If possible, devise attractive promotional strategies for the festive season and regular promotional days.

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