3X6 Magnets Help You to Savor Amazing Game of Thorns Experience in Brand Marketing

Winning the game of thorns may sound like a cliché for all those who believed that it is only the idiom and a popular fantasy movie, which does not make any sense. However, it does make sense, if you are a start up business trying to grab attention or mid-sized business eyeing expansion. You may not have the confidence and investment potential to match the promotional tactics of your nearest big competitor, but you can still play smart with promotional magnets. Today, you can avail them in many sizes, shapes and stock sizes (of course each pricing different). You can easily win the game of thrones by employing 3 x 6 magnets. How? By tackling them creatively! Here are different ways you can use them to push your business ahead in the competition over these customized magnets 6×3 –

3x6 inch Round Corner Custom Printed Full Color Magnets 25 mil

  • Coupon Magnets/ Discount Card Magnets/Online Business Magnets
    Giving away advertising magnets with a coupon code or discount code is the perfect way to attract customers. You can ask your customers to redeem the coupon code and avail benefits of free shipping, whenever they order from your online store the next time. This marketing strategy will easily take you closer to your customers. They would think high of the brand, which cares for their purse strings rather than leaving it blank. It will be retained as a symbol of large-hearted goodwill in the homes of your customers and they would happily share this deal with their family and friends.
  • Restaurant Take-Out Magnets
    For restaurants and take out delivery services, customized magnets can do great task. 6×3 magnets printed with their logo, contact details and impressive graphics, will do the trick. They can easily giveaway such full color magnets to their customers and ask them to seek their services, whenever they are hungry or require their aid. It will definitely trigger a wantedness and confidence within your customers that you are just a phone call away.
  • Save the Date Magnets
    What a fabulous idea isn’t it? All these years, you might have received lovely and colorful save the date cards announcing some of your friend’s upcoming nuptials. You might have stacked them somewhere as a memoir. Just imagine, what if your customer can see it every day with same enthusiasm and love as you saw the save the date card of your best buddy. This might not be a direct promotional item, but it will definitely help to alter their impressions about your brand. Inviting your customers or clients to witness some big achievement or informing them about the opening of your store or inviting them to participate in your corporate fair may not bring you any direct benefits. However, people would store such customized full color magnets as a reference item, and a memoir.

3x6 Custom Save The Date Wedding Magnet

  • Calendar Magnets
    They are perfect to affirm your presence in the homes of your customers for over a year. You can get these customized 6×3 magnets printed with calendar and contact details of your business. This will definitely help the user to keep in track with their date and your business. They would think of your business, whenever they go their refrigerator door to refer the date or mode of the business.

By now, you might have realized how customized magnets 3×6 would aid you to win the game of thrones with little planning and small investment.