3X7 Rectangle Magnets Offer You Multitudinous Marketing Opportunities

Over the years, you might have used several promotional tricks to make impressions on the crowd. Perhaps, those tricks may or may not have worked for you. Have you ever tried to make impressions with 3×7 magnets? No?! It is time to discuss, why they are going to be perfect for your business.

These promotional magnets 3×7 aren’t bigger catch as a large banner buying your attention from the tradeshow venue or traffic signal, but they aren’t small either. You can use this rectangle for printing all those thoughts that cross your mind. It is not only brand information, you can also use it for voicing against a social cause, calamity, or building your social persona. People would easily notice it due to its pretty rectangle size. Therefore, you can easily lend a crispy edge to your business information by printing them bold and colorfully over these advertising magnets.

3x7 inch Square Corner Custom Printed Full Color Magnets 25 Mil

  • Multitudinous Marketing Opportunities–It is not necessary that every time you end employing these customized magnets as smart version of business cards, rather you can use them for lending real value to your brand such as
  • Discount coupons – Asking your customer to redeem their coupons, whenever they purchase the next would easily take you closer to them. They would appreciate that you are not really behind their money anymore. They would think highly of a marketer who gave them a reason to smile during their purchase.
  • Special Sale Information – You can easily employ 3×7 custom magnets for announcing some special sale in your organization. This will help people prepare for the mega event and loosen their purse strings. This information will be retained in homes as a great business memoir.
  • Calendars – If you ask a student of marketing what is the smartest promotional gift of all the time. It won’t take them a split second to answer – calendar. Printed calendars are very common sights in homes and offices, where people put them in visible places. They feel closer to the brand or the person who gave them reason to organize their schedules in a better way. This time you can try the same with a bit of trendy personalization over these customized rectangle magnets 3×7. People would be happier to retain customized magnets over their refrigerator doors or office cabinets and refer them as often as they can. They are likely to retain it for years as a memoir of a year or as a refrigerator gift.
  • Save the Date Invitations – Before talking about save the date invitations in depth, it is necessary to understand, why people send invitations. Perhaps to make the invitee feel that they are special, isn’t it! These save the date invitations are sure to bring you a big round of applause because your customers would feel special. They would retain colorful invitations over their refrigerator door and discuss it with others, thereby bringing you army of dedicated supporters and buyers without big effort.
  • Hitting the Jackpot- Now, you may not see this category of customized magnets anywhere, but they only mean you have to invite a customer to hit the jackpot with your products. As a shrewd marketer, you have to make them believe that your products are giving them the real value for money. You can push the sales by saying that “you may be a lucky customer to win a SUV. Call us to register your order now * xxx-xxx-xxxx.”

The above-mentioned are only few methods or strategies to shape your brand. You can perhaps experiment with many other ways of attracting customers to your business.