4.75X10.5 Magnets and Devising Steve Jobs Marketing Lessons Through Them

You all would agree that Steve Jobs is the sharpest corporate genius the world has ever produced. He was not a marketing genius, neither a great manager or a great coder, or a technocrat, still his marketing messages are valued by experts around the world.

4.75x10.5 Square Corner Magnets 20 Mil

You can try materializing his valuable marketing lessons over 4.75 x 10.5 magnets for better brand visibility.

Stop Thinking About the Budget and Create Amazing Marketing Strategy
Innovations are unique and they are not bound by limitations. In Steve’s own words, it is important to come up an amazing marketing strategy, which gives real value to the customer. He has outgrown many of the industry giants who were competing against him and spending 100 times more on marketing by the time of his first product launch!

Magnetic Approach – Try to buy attention with unique elements, the way Steve did! There is no one thing, which works the same for all marketers, so you can always devise and come up with ways to attract customers. You can create customized calendar magnets, sales flyers, and outdoor magnets using this 10.5 x 4.75 custom magnets.

Emphasize on Inbound Marketing
Steve Jobs largely focused on inbound marketing to the outbound marketing. He always believed that businesses should remain available for their customers and they should engage customers as much as they can.

Magnetic Approach -Going by Steve’s way of marketing, marketers should experiment with smart marketing rather than plain marketing. Gone are the days, when customers would rush to the store by seeing brand advertisements on the television. You have to tell them why you are special and how you would meet their requirements. For doing so, you should be available to them whenever they want and you can easily do it by featuring over their refrigerator doors. You can employ 4.75 x 10.5 calendar magnets and 4.75 x 10.5 sales flyer magnets for the purpose.

Hold Secrets and Build Mystery About the Brand
People who lined up at Apple’s events were wowed by Steve Job’s charisma of surprises and suspense. He was unlike many other marketers who rushed at the drop of hat to talk non-stop about their product. Steve always created a huge mystery by dropping a hint, spreading a rumor, and buying an attention. By the day of actual unveiling, the world would have drawn their conclusions. Steve always saved the best thing for the last and he always kept people coming back with its “Oh, one more thing,” gesture. With Steve Jobs, customers always practiced patience because no one knew when he would spring at them with a marvelous product with that famous liner “Oh, one more thing,”. Whenever he did that a history was made!.

Magnetic Approach – Use 4.75 x 10.5 magnets to create a buzz or rumor around your brand. You can use it for announcing the special unveiling at the upcoming tradeshow, buying attention of the crowd, and keeping them stuck to your information.

Steve Jobs was a hard worker, who always strived to capture pulse of his targeted customers, which made him the immortal corporate genius the world raves about!

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