5.5X8.5 Magnets and Overlapping Concepts of Inbound Marketing

You might be puzzled on hearing how 5.5×8.5 magnets and inbound marketing may bond. However, they many not bond at the periphery, but they enjoy a parasitic relationship. Before understanding it in detail, let’s brush up on the most popular marketing term- Inbound Marketing. Well, it is a term used for lead generation through content marketing such as white papers, online content, podcasts, blogs, etc. In contrast, encouraging sales and building quick revenues through direct paper mail, cold calling, sales flyers, or magnet advertising is termed as outbound marketing. Now, again, you may ask about using 5.5 x 8.5 magnets for inbound marketing. Read this blog to know more–

5.5x8.5 Round Corner Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

Customized Magnets Makes it Easy to Find Businesses
Magnet advertising helps to position business information at the fingertips. People don’t need to Google it, Facebook it or Tweet it to find your information. Only they need to run to their refrigerator door, stand tall and dial the contact details or act as per the call for action printed over them. Thus, promotional magnets make it easy to find your business and attract customers to your website or store.

Personalized Magnets Help to Target Potential Customers in Different Age Groups
Do you know what is the main benefit of magnet advertising? The first and foremost benefit is that they are popular within all age groups. Customized magnets help to target potential customers in all age groups. A refrigerator is always a very popular household item and people would like to go near it as often as they could. This is why customized magnets are popular promotional choice for marketers wishing to influence their prospective clients effortlessly.

Magna Fold Postcard

Logo Promotional Magnets Earn their Way to Customers Consciousness Rather than Bugging Them
Usually outbound marketing is criticized as an act of promotion, where the marketers attempts to “bug, buy and beg” their way into the customers consciousness. Although promotional magnets may not be as informative as a podcast, blog, or article, but they are perfect for building impact. People would remember the logo and other details featuring over their refrigerator door, whenever the need arises.

Custom Magnets 5.5 x8.5 Magnets Propels Permission Marketing
Seth Godin has termed inbound marketing as the permission marketing, which means marketers seek permission from the audience to promote their business. Similarly, customized magnets propel permission marketing. It is purely a customer’s choice, whether they want to retain the promotional magnet or personalized magnet over their refrigerator magnet or not.

Magnet Advertising is Perfect for Small Businesses
Exactly the same way as the inbound marketing, which specially effective for small budget businesses with high dollar investments at stake, knowledge-based products, and long research areas. However, here the difference is that small businesses can earn savings on bulk ordering customized magnets from any online store selling only made in USA magnets. Along with best buy pricing, marketers can expect savings on art setup, online design proof, shipping and full color printing because their prices are included within the main product price.

If you look even more closely, there are many overlapping concepts, which make us say that all promotional magnets should be part of the inbound marketing strategy. Perhaps, a good working experience with custom magnets would help you to write another blog on this topic!