5 Creative Ways to Use 2X8 Magnets For Announcements

2×8 magnets are becoming favored announcement token because they lend large room for creativity and pack confidence with their shape. These rectangle magnets are becoming choice for many small budget marketers and individuals who wish to announce a big event in life. If you are still puzzled about using these elongated marketing magnets, then here are 5 creative ways of putting them into use.

8x2 inch Square Corner Outdoor Safe Custom Full Color Magnets

  • Announcing Your Big Day
    To fall in love is destiny and to marry is divine may go new saying. Indeed, you want all your loved ones to bless you and participate in your joy of doubling into “we.” You can easily break the big news over these customized magnets. People would be compelled to participate in your big moment because an elongated strip of rectangle magnet printed with persuasive visuals and contact information will buy their attention. For the best benefits, you can mail these magnetic save the dates couple of months in advance, so that people can easily make their arrangements.

2x8 Wedding Save The Date Custom Magnets

  • Announcing Your Holiday Sales
    Your regular clients would love to receive small communication from your side. You can easily announce your holiday sales or special discount over these 2×8 personalized magnets. Just imagine their joy on receiving these custom magnets in the mail. They would be happier to know that you care for them and wish to offer them something special with the next purchase.
  • Announcing Reunion
    While living together, many of us tend to take relationships for granted. Parting is a reality, which make us realize how much friendships and relationships mean. If you wish to organize a reunion or planning to connect with your friends and family, feel free to express your joy and anticipation over these 8x 2 magnets. People cannot discard them due to two reasons – its impressive shape and value of information printed over them. You can politely ask them to join you in memorable reunion event, which you are planning. Trigger train of memories by gifting away these customized magnets.
  • Announcing a New Business
    People are increasingly getting bored of seeing big billboards and bombarding media advertisements because they find intrusive and boring. You can easily buy their attention by sending these customized magnets to their address. You can personalize your branding by showing up at the door of your customer. You can even indulge 2×8 outdoor safe magnets for the purpose.
  • Supporting a Cause
    Do you think people can easily ignore a full color magnet strip staring at them from refrigerator door and stirring their social consciousness. Perhaps not? A 2×8 custom magnet is what you may require to stir their social feeling and buying their support for a cause. You can easily ask them to donate blood, support your anti-cancer crusade, or anything else through these magnets. People would make it a point to manage these customized magnets over their refrigerator door or other visible surfaces within home because it serves as their pride booster. It will continue to remind them of their social responsibility.

You can easily avail discounts on bulk ordering these customized magnets 8×2 from any reputed online store. Additionally, you may save on art setup, online design proof and shipping because they are offered FREE by such online stores.