Who is Using 2X10 Magnets for Their Benefits?

Dimensions 2×10 may not impress you because they do not sound big. You will be surprised to know many people are still seeking it for their benefits. Here is a list of those who are using 2×10 magnets for expressing their emotions, news, and other special things.

2x10 Square Corner Custom Printed Magnets 20 Mil

Large Corporations and SMB’s
Now you may think when large corporations work on large marketing budget, why they should they invest in small sized magnets? Because they know it will bring them easy attention! A big banner may not be as influential as a small magnet because it incorporates a warm and personalized feeling, which is missing from big billboards and banners. Large corporations are using this magnet for sending holiday wishes, thanking their customers, or promoting their mega sales, conveying discounts or sales information, etc. SMB’s are using it for announcing their new business venture, change of address, sending word of thanks, etc.

Schools and school districts are using 10×2 magnets to welcome their students after their long vacations or at the start of the new academic year. They know students, parents, and teachers would love to receive small tokens as welcome gift. They would happily retain full color school magnets over their refrigerator doors or other visible ferrous surfaces within the homes.

New Parents
Gone are the days, when parents used to cling to telephones or letters or emails to announce their big news. Nowadays, they are doing it in style by expressing it over these customized 2×10 magnets. They know this effort will show up and help them to better relationships with their loved ones.

They are using it for announcing their reunion or alumni meet. Customized magnets announcing a school reunion or other event would always score high on emotional quotient due to the information printed over them.

Many churches and church prayer groups who are struggling to attract youth are using these rectangle customized magnets for spreading the word. They are doing it by printing short thoughts on them. Although they know this is not the only way to increase followers, but they are successfully combining it with other traditional methods.

Sports Clubs
Americans are well known for their sports spirit and for them sports come before anything else. No wonder, hundreds of professional clubs and minor sports clubs are taking magnet advertising seriously to build on their credentials. They are trying to attract their fan following and business during the season by advertising over these small magnets 10×2. They know people would happily retain it over their refrigerator doors and they would be encouraged to discuss it with others.

Fundraiser organizers are largely ordering small magnets because they know it offers them large price benefits as well as brings easy attention. They can avail these customized magnets at lower prices by bulk ordering from any reputed online store. In addition, they can save on online design proof, shipping, and art set up because many of these stores offer them free. Free full color printing is another benefit offered.

There might be lot others who are benefitting from these, perhaps you can be one of them with its real utilization.