3.2X5 Magnets Allow You to Get Ahead in Brand Wars, Know Why

Magnet advertising and a brand war may sound like a black and white. Yes, you have read it correctly six reasons 3.2 x5 magnets could help you win accolades in the war of brands. We understand that brand wars are intensifying and businesses are hell bent to trounce each other with ethical and unethical ways. They are always exploring various traditional and trendy promotional ideas to outdo each other. Magnet advertising is practiced by businesses, which are trying to explore new customer segments and working hard to retain their loyal customers.

3.2x5 Square Corner Custom Printed Magnets 25 Mil

Today, magnet advertising has grown by heaps and as a result, you can find magnet in almost every size and shape. This does not mean that marketers are discarding traditional rectangle and square magnets; rather, they are only getting choosy about them. 3.2 x 5 magnets are one such high in demand item, which is appealing businesses with its genuinity. Here are how they might help you to make impressions in the real brand wars due to their–

Large Slender Shape
If you are good at mathematics, you will understand that 5 x 3.2 is a dimension of a rectangle and it is comparatively big in some ways. It may not offer a big imprint space, but it will definitely help to pack information in a best possible way. You can use it for giving away important information such as logo, contact detail, information of some certification or some compelling marketing message such as hurry up the offer lasts so and so date, etc.

High Customization Potential
Just imagine – you wish to work on a newspaper advertisement, magazine advertisement, billboard and promotional magnet. Although the other promotional mediums may give you the opportunity to express your information in a way you want, but they may tie you down with limitations. You have to think twice about exceeding your information beyond certain limits. You have to think about use of colors, and symbols, etc. However, custom 3.2 x 5 magnets allow you to express the information in a crispy and gentle manner. Also, you don’t have to bother about the choice of colors because most of the ecommerce stores would allow you to save on customization and shipping. You can further your savings by wholesale ordering these customized magnets. There are many other benefits and rewards awaiting you during the festival season.

Easy Management
If you have been shying from the idea of corporate gifting during tradeshows fearing the additional burden it may put on you, feel free to explore with these customized magnets 3.2 x 5. Although you can avail them in different stock sizes such as 20 MIL, 25 MIL and 30 MIL, still they are lightweight. You can easily manage them within your backpacks or bags and relish the contentment of distributing a purposeful promotional gift. Also, most of these customized magnets are produced from high quality stock, which ensures hygiene and easy management. You can easily find such high quality advertising magnets from online stores offering only made in USA magnets.

As all other promotional methods, magnet advertising is also the medium, where experiences may largely vary across the spectrum. You can have a gala time while working with these 3.2 x 5 customized magnets.