Personalized 3.5X7 Magnet Gifts They Cannot Avoid

Personalized 3.5 x 7 magnets are sure to make a dent in their attitude about you with their largesse attitude at cost effective prices. You can employ these customized magnets for value building by printing them with information possessing high pursuance and emotional values. Here are some typical magnet gifts crafted from 3.5 x7 magnets, which would leave people pining and yearning for more–

3.5x7 Round Corner Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

Calendar Magnets
Who doesn’t use a calendar? Perhaps everyone because it is the indispensable part of the life, unless and until you are living in a no man’s land. Perhaps everyone loves to retain a calendar in visible areas around the home. Calendar magnets offer them ease of tracking dates by remaining over their work cabinets or refrigerator doors. They usually end up as a refrigerator art.

Custom 3.5x7 Square Corners Pizza Calendar Magnets 20 mil

Save the Date Wedding Magnets
A wedding is an affair to remember and we are sure that like everyone else, you would like to make it special. Save the date wedding magnets 3.5 x7 are sure to become an extension of your personality and it would help to set the tone for your celebrations. People would retain these magnets for reference and after the occasion, they would treat it as a memoir. In short, your beautiful relationship will blossom before their eyes. Who can avoid looking a customized magnet announcing the culmination of a beautiful relationship into a lifelong affair!

Sports Schedules
Sports is a religion for people around the USA and they list it as their favorite pastime. Gifting a full color sports magnet is a perfect way to inch closer to your customer without annoying them. You can remain assured that they would retain these customized magnets over their refrigerator doors as long as they can. Full color sports schedule magnets can be availed for volleyball, soccer, NASCAR, football and more. Many online eCommerce stores stock high quality sports schedule magnets in different stock sizes. They would allow you the benefit of customizing the schedules for your local team or sports team.

Sales Flyers
People are not fond of sales information unless and until it offers them some value for the money. If you have a big sales event lined up for the month, try to spread word about it through customized 3.5 x7 magnets. This kind of promotion works great for local businesses, which are trying to buy attention with minimum efforts. You can do full color printing over customized sales flyer magnets for buying attention of the crowd. People would retain these customized magnets as a happy feature over their refrigerator doors. It will continue to refresh their senses and remind them about a big hearted advertiser, who wishes to connect with them effectively.

Greetings and Holiday Wishes
Gifting a greeting or holiday wishes full color 3.5 x7 magnet is the best way to buy attention of the crowd with whom you wish to mingle and mix up. A lively holiday greeting magnet becomes a treasured refrigerator art and people always love to retain it as long as they can. A holiday greetings or festive greeting magnet continues to bind people with its high joie de vivre attitude. Although the pressures of busy life may limit enjoyment for many people, but a brief indulgence with holiday wishes magnets will help them in a big way.

You can save on online design proof, art setup, shipping, and full color printing by ordering your customized magnets 7 x 3.5 from any reputed eCommerce store stocking only made in USA magnets.