Who are Using 3.5X8 Magnet Fridge Calendars for Promoting Arts, Entertainment and Culture?

3.5 x8 magnet fridge calendars are one of the cost effective and sharpest creative weapons in the arsenal of big corporations and SMB’s trying to attract customers. Today, they are becoming choice for change leaders in the art, culture, and entertainment related niches. No wonder, many of them are giving away these refrigerator calendar magnets as a welcome gift. Some of the best examples of personalized calendars include –

3.5x8 Square Corner Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

  • Travelling Exhibition Magnets
    Travelling exhibition magnets are perfect for travelling exhibitions, which are trying to attract more viewers to their fold. For better visibility, they can print their schedules over a calendar at the start of the year. They can hand over full color customized magnets 3.5 x8 with information of their exhibits during tradeshows, at exhibition venues, community programs or through local art galleries, etc. This gesture will help them to attract focused audience.
  • Museum Magnets
    A museum can easily attract people by distributing full color magnetic calendars highlighting their future exhibits. A magnetic calendar becomes a great souvenir at the museum shop. In addition, they can be handed out at the entrance for a slight additional fee or their charges can be included in the product pricing. Museums can spruce up their visibility by printing the image of their most famous exhibit over these customized magnets. Museums can customize their calendar magnets with their full color logo, website, and contact details, so that people can easily find way to their location!
  • Theatre Company Magnets
    Calendar magnets announcing theatre schedules are surely going to be a winner in all aspects. Full color theatre company magnets would stir enthusiasm from over a refrigerator door or the work cabinet. The best thing about customized magnets announcing theatre company schedule is that they work as a refrigerator art and a souvenir at the same time. These customized magnets would enchant not only the recipient, but also their guests.

3.5x8 Square Corners Full Color Calendar Magnet 20 Mil

  • Art Gallery Magnets
    With people getting involved in work, they rarely find time for their personal indulgences. Art galleries are finding difficult to attract quality audience who may buy from them. They can easily fix the issue by distributing full color art gallery calendar magnets during the exhibitions or as a souvenir or as a fundraiser item. Whatever be the reason, people are going to retain them as a memoir and reference token as long as they can.
  • Food Festival Magnets
    Food is always a hot term and it is necessary for the survival of the species. Attracting taste experts and foodies to the food festival may not be a very tough thing, but food festival organizers can turn it a massive event by handing out customized calendar magnets commemorating a food festival. They can make attendees to buy them as a souvenir for gifting to their family and friends.
  • Planetarium Magnets
    Offer them a free tour to galaxies and constellations by gifting away customized full color planetarium magnets printed with schedules or calendar and contact details. Full color planetarium magnets are perfect for gifting during planetarium shows or they can be sold through souvenir shops at the planetarium.
  • Fundraiser Magnets
    Selling customized calendar magnets 3.5 x8 printed with awareness information would help businesses to pool some extra money for social service. People would retain it as a refrigerator art and reference token for the long time.

There are no constraints or limitations regarding printing of information over a customized calendar magnet 3.5 x8 , which means connoisseurs of art, culture, and entertainment can make their own choice.