5 Reasons 1.5X3.75 Magnets Make Great Head Turners at PTO Fundraisers

PTO fundraisers are usually events, where parents, teachers, and students participate with vigor and try to make money by selling their crafts, cookie dough, magazine subscriptions, etc. Perhaps you might have sold them too. Believe us, we are not anti-reading or anti-cookie crusaders because they are always good. We only want to sow seeds of the change and want you to think about custom 1.5 x 3.75 magnets.

If you are a church, school or an organization looking for fundraising, what you can do to reach out to families, which are looking for little funny and clutter-free stuff. Why don’t you try customized magnets 3.75x 1.5? Here are five reasons why you should seriously try them –

1.5x3.75 Round Corner Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

  • They would end up over refrigerator doors
    Personalized magnets 1.5 x 3.75 are indeed small, but not small enough to miss a target. They do not pile up weight, cause any clutter in the house or chock up landfills; instead, they will grab prominence over refrigerator doors. People usually retain fundraiser magnets are an item of pride. In comparison to other fundraiser products mentioned here, these strip-sized magnets may have bigger shelf life. People may never take it down, unless and until under any compulsion or pressure. Your good cause will continue to harbor in their consciousness.
  • They can bring real profits to your business
    Many reputed online stores offer magnets for as low as a cent on bulk purchases. You can easily order them in bulk and make profits by selling them in dollars. Additionally, many of these online stores offer free online design proof, free art setup, free full color printing, and free shipping because their prices are included.

1.5x3.75 Round Corners Magnet Outdoor Safe

  • They can be customized with information in colors of choice
    When it comes to a purposeful advertising many small budget marketers have to think twice about the choice of colors. Exorbitant prices kills their creativity and they usually end up with basic black and white printing. However, when advertising over promotional magnets, they can avail the benefits of free full color printing. This means they can easily lavish it over magnets. They can match the fundraiser campaign with their original colors rather than creating dull and easy-to-forget black and white campaigns.
  • They can enhance your skills of persuasion
    Creating a promotional campaign in smaller print may not be easier, but it definitely offers some brain taxing moments to an investor. They can easily work on their skills of persuasion by planning a creative campaign, which conveys their message effortlessly. They can easily raise funds by positioning full color logos and slogans over promotional 3.75 x 1. 5 magnets.
  • They make a hassle free choice for fundraising
    Most customized magnets sold by reliable online magnet stores are made of high quality material and are lightweight. It requires fewer efforts than carton full of cookie dough or magazines to transport these lightweight magnets. Doesn’t that sound great? Engage these 1.5 x 3.75 magnets for a hassle free fundraising!

If you wish to break away from the mold of conventional fundraisers, feel free to explore with 3.75x 1.5 magnets because they offer you large room for creativity. Most online stores you approach would offer you benefits of free art setup and free online design proof, which means you can customize these magnets in the way you want.

Wishing you a happy fundraising with customized magnets 3.75 x 1.5!