5 Ways 3X10 Magnets Can Increase Your Productivity

3×10 magnets may not be the product with a Midas Touch, but is definitely one with many unsurpassable marketing qualities. Although the dimension 3×10 may not strike you big on the head, but it is perfect to buy the attention with smart prints over them. This blog discusses those golden 5 ways 3×10 magnets can bring you some real conversions –

3x10 Square Corner Outdoor Safe Full Color Magnets

  • Discount Coupons
    You can easily hand a customized 3×10 magnet to the customer who comes to your store for purchasing their favorites. You can always give them discount coupons or savings card and ask them to redeem it, when they accumulate certain points. Or you can ask them to avail discounts on the next purchase by entering the coupon code printed over the discount coupon. This act will easily bring you some real conversions because people always love to save.
  • Special Gift
    You can send away custom 3×10 magnets announcing special gift to your customer homes. You can encourage them to shop more by saying that there is a special gift offered with every purchase. Or you can pique their interest saying that their next purchase at your eCommerce store or your real brick-n-mortar store will make them eligible for a special gift. Who knows they might be luckier to enjoy a holiday to a foreign location or so. This type of promotional text helps to attract customers and they are encouraged to shop, until they are drop dead.
  • Free Shipping
    Free shipping is not a luxury for many online buyers, they have to spend an arm and a leg to get their product shipped to homes. You can inform your regular customers about the special free shipping benefits that you are offering for a limited period. Being lightweight, you can easily bulk mail 10×3 magnets printed with information about free shipping in colors of your choice. This marketing text may buy attention of wholesale traders and bulk buyers, who often end up spending more on shipping than the original product price. This type of smart advertising is well suited for many ecommerce stores, which specialize in holiday sales. It also suits luxury lifestyle stores, food stores, and traders stocking typical items.
  • Information about Certification
    Certificates are always an important aspect of authenticity generation. Today, cautious customers would check the certifications and other credibility information of the service provider before dealing with them. You can always put their fears to rest by sending them 10×3 customized magnets announcing, your recent certification such as “Cladders is now ISO-9001 Company”. This type of reliability information will help you to buy their admiration and convert them into loyal customers.
  • Special Sale Information
    Mega sale or Big Bang Sale is a favorite marketing buzzword used by businesses trying to attract customers to their shop. They can easily promote their business by printing the sale information over full color 3×10 magnets. This information will slowly grow upon the minds of your regular customers and they may easily share it with their family and friends, too.

As they say, only sky is the limit, when it comes to advertising over promotional magnets. This means you can easily explore many other impressive ways of conversion and lead over these customizable 3×10 magnets

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