6 Ways of Applying 3X3 Magnets for Impression Building

3×3 magnets (square and rounded corners)are becoming a popular choice for impression building because they can easily act as carrier of emotions and information. Personalized square magnets are largely favored because they offer great visibility against various surfaces. They are perfect for-

3x3 inch Round Corner Custom Printed Full Color Magnets

Revealing Brand Information
You may ask when there are various other sizes of promotional magnets in rectangle shapes, how do these ones differ? Although you can position your business information over various rectangle magnets, but they may not buy attention as the squared ones. People nurse a special affinity and affection for square magnets because they can easily capture their attention. Be it over a refrigerator door or work cabinet or any other equally impressive surface, the magnets with square surfaces can easily buy attention. Viewers don’t have to crane their necks to read what is printed over them.

Announcing Marriage
Marriage is once a lifetime affair and very significant step towards a new life. A romantic ambience coupled with presence of dear makes wedding a memorable affair. Sending away impressive pre-invitations is the key to a well-turned out wedding. This is why couples prefer 3×3 save the date magnets to make their wedding announcement. They know their guests would love each bit of information printed over these magnets and would make it a point to position it over visible surfaces in home. It does not matter, whether you are looking forward for a theme wedding or a traditional wedding, these square magnets can easily map your emotions and portray it in the right manner.

3x3 Custom Save The Date Magnets

Perfect for Painting Myriad of Emotions, Thoughts, and Experiences
Again someone may ask, why square magnets? Because they can bear all emotions with delight. You can easily them for expressing your sadness, anger, love, and myriad of other emotions. People would easily notice any information printed on these magnets and they would always keep it closer to their eyes.

Expressing gratitude over 3×3 square magnets is the perfect way of thanking your friends, family, and clients for their support and contribution. They cannot deny overlooking these customized magnets acknowledging their participation in your life. Whatever be the reason for thanking, people would instantly take liking for magnets with perfect square designs and they would be proud to carry it over their refrigerator doors or other visible surfaces within the home.

Pushing Sales in Your Outlet
A perfect square magnet announcing a discount, holiday sale or price benefit is going to be loved. You can gift away these custom magnets confidently as coupons, discount cards or anything you wish. People would love them and take note of them due to the benefits that they offer. Perfect for promoting any new and established business!

Promoting Your Business on the Move
You don’t need to invest in big billboards or banners to announce new business or promote existing business because square magnets can do them easily. People would easily take note of them, when your car is parked in the parking lot, stuck in the traffic mess or moving slowly through crowded areas. 3×3 outdoor safe magnets are usually offered in 30 MIL thickness, which makes them UV safe.

You can easily source these 3×3 magnets from any reputed online store stocking them. Perhaps you may find them in any other regular brick-and-mortar store, but they don’t offer you benefits of free shipping, free online design proof, free art setup and free full color printing. In addition, many custom stores stocking square magnets 3×3 offer benefits of lowest price match guarantee.

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