6 Creative Ways of Using 3X4 Magnets for Information Generation

3×4 magnets are popular because everyone is using them for information management. These rectangle magnets attract with their almost square prominent size. They are used for awareness building or info magnet by small to mid-sized businesses. If you are looking for a promotional item, which appeals with its size and creates strong impression, feel free to stick with popular 4×3 magnets.

3x4 inch Round Corner Custom Printed Full Color Magnets

  • Wedding Save the Date Magnets
    The wedding is always a special event in life and every couple wishes to celebrate it in the company of their loved ones. Wedding save the date magnets set the stage for the main event. They are usually sent as pre-invitations, which inform people what is in store for them. 3×4 wedding save the date magnets would exactly help to set the stage for your wedding. They are perfect for announcing any tradition and theme weddings because people take note of them.
  • Political Magnets
    Political campaigning is a strenuous affair and campaigners always fall short of cash and efforts. This time they can do smart campaigning by seeking 3×4 political magnets. These magnets lend big imprint area for their image, political logo, slogan, and immediate contact detail. People would be happy to retain a colorful magnet over their refrigerator door and regular visibility will drive to poll booth. These custom magnets are available in 20 Mil, 25 MIL and 30 MIL sizes. Usually outdoor magnets bear 30 MIL thickness and they are UV safe. You can use these magnets for outdoor campaigning.

3x4 Round Corners Magnet Outdoor Safe

  • Holiday Announcement Magnets
    Hip Hip Hurray! Happy holidays are here. Perhaps you want to express it to everyone who matter to you, but you need not worry when you have an access to 3×4 holiday announcement magnets. You can avail them at discounted prices by bulk ordering from any reputed online magnet store. You can use these magnets for sending holiday party invites or wishing your dear ones. Whatever be the reason of expression, these customized magnets are going to make strong impressions.
  • Photo Magnets
    Your photo will soon become a regular feature over their refrigerator doors. You can send away photo magnets to announce some milestone in life or express your happiness on becoming a father or to announce baby shower or for any other purpose. Although 3×4 magnets may not be huge, still they are good enough to turn heads. Full color printing makes them dearer to onlookers.
  • Info Magnets
    Perhaps this term can be mapped for every single magnet carrying some special information. However, it can be specifically applied to magnets, which give small information about a cause or business. You can employ these custom magnets for sending important information pertaining to health, fitness, food, and many other important facts. In addition, you can use it for building impact around your business. You can use 4×3 magnets for positioning your business information and how you have acquired recent certification or how you have been awarded one of the prestigious business prizes, etc.
  • Outdoor Magnets
    4×3 outdoor magnets
    are perfect for outdoor advertising because they can be availed in 30 MIL. They are used by many small budget marketers to familiarize their brand logo while driving to the office or coming back. Full color logo printed magnets can easily buy attention at traffic blocks, parking lots or in crowded areas. These magnets can be stuck over company vehicles and other business vehicles for better visibility.

You can avail many benefits such as free online design proof, free art set up and free full color printing on buying these customized magnets 3×4 from a reputed online store.