3X1 Magnets -Have You tried Smart Advertising Through Them?

Shrewd marketers or savvy business owners know how to make an impact with 3×1 magnets, when others are discarding them as a farce. They have been successfully using it by printing brief magic words, which will bring them easy sales. Here is a brilliant repertoire of magic words, used by businesses to buy attention.

3X1 Square Corner Custom Printed Magnets 25 Mil

  1. Free – Free is the biggest catchword of all times. People are ready to explore anything, which is free in some aspect. You can mail or handout 3×1 magnets telling free shipping, free customization, Buy 2 get in free, etc.
  2. Act Now – Motivate your customers to take immediate action by promoting a limited-time offer. You can easily present it with crisp words such as hurry up offer valid to 25 December or so.
  3. Save – It is one of the brilliant catchwords to promote anything and everything under a sun. You can bulk mail coupons or hand them during tradeshows telling that customers buying from you can save 60% or 20% on total price.
  4. Instant – Click on www.yyy.com for downloads, will buy you some immediate customers. You can add some rich snippets on your website for coaxing customers to download your ebook or pdf at slightly higher charges. This trick is working for many online marketers who are selling motivational books and education materials.
  5. Amazing – A 3×1 magnet saying “Amazing” will buy attention from over the refrigerator door. You can expect some real leads after distributing these customized magnets amongst your prospective customers during tradeshows, street fairs, or other mass events.
  6. Premium – “Premium” is the word, which denotes high quality. You can either use it by individually or present it creatively to build right impressions.
  7. 100% money back guarantee – This is again the best way to make them believe that you are offering high quality product.
  8. More – What else is the common question that marketers have to face, whenever they position their business before their prospective customers. Perhaps, they can silence them by offering them a reason.More! – call at xxx.xxx.xxx will buy you easy customers.
  9. Huge – Huge value against a small investment is always an irresistible choice. You can say “Huge Discount” or “Huge Money” to buy their attention. ‘
  10. Bargain – Bargain by calling us at xxx.xx.xxx would easily buy attention. People would rush to your store or online store to bargain and seek their favorites at low prices. This trick may work at all times, but they are more popular during festivals, when everyone else is offering discounts on some products. People would appreciate a full color 1×3 magnet encouraging them to bargain and grab their favorite product at best buy prices. They would definitely retain it for a long time to come.
  11. Elite – A 3×1 magnet announcing “Thanks to the Elite Customer” is going to do wonders. Making customers believe that they are the one is always perfect to get closer to them.
  12. Proven – “Proven” “effective” “fast” are some buzzwords, which help marketers to create impact on their customers.

You can easily find benefits by applying your magic words over full color promotional magnets 3×1