Why 3.25X2 Magnets May Work For You?

If you thought that smaller personalized magnets aren’t worth considering, perhaps you are missing on benefits that they may offer. You can creatively use them for building impressions and buying conversions. Many marketers have already found some positive responses to their advertisements after working over 3.25 x 2 magnets. They have been using it for the reasons that they –

3.25x2 Square Corner Custom Printed Magnets 25 Mil

Are Perfect for Printing One Liners and Quick Messages
Save, Discount, Pure, Magical and Download are buzzwords used by marketers to buy the attention of their target market. They have been using small magnets for value building because it offers them enough space for printing their messages. This trick has worked equally best for many small budget and big budget marketers who wished to buy attention at lowest investment. You can easily do the same over full color 3.25 x 2 magnets.

Are Available in Best Buy Pricing
Customized 3.25 x 2 magnets can be availed in best buy pricing on bulk ordering. On purchasing from reputed ecommerce stores, you can easily purchase on areas such as online design proof, shipping, art setup and full color printing because they are offered free.

May Easily Show Up in the Clutter with their Small Size
Being small is the boon, when the calamity strikes- goes the old saying. If you convert the same in terms of advertising, it can be said that small magnets can easily withstand the onslaught of competition. Although promotional magnets are the popular feature in many American homes, but people are slowly getting bored of them. Bigger magnets may become undesirable after some time, but smaller ones always remain customer favorite because they are adorable and informative. This means, even if some day a recipient decides to get rid of some big promotional magnet, they will think twice about striking out smaller ones because they inform them in a clear and clutter free way.

Work for Everyone
Today, although people are aligned towards brands, still a large segment prefers to buy high quality things from less known businesses. They are only bothered about the shelf life and pricing of the product. They will not mind whether a small business run by their cousin or brother is offering them discount on purchases or a big XYZ offering them the same. For them only the product quality and its shelf life matters. No, wonder many large, small, and midsized businesses are largely ordering small 3.25 x 2 magnets for creating ripples with their strong marketing messages.

Offer Great Room for Creativity
Now you may ask what sort of creativity can be explored over a small promotional magnet. Perhaps your question is right, if you are considering a small promotional space in a newspaper or other challenging medium. However, customized magnets 3.25 x 2 lend big space for creativity despite its small size. If you believe that creativity is only possible over large space, then you’re wrong because they are equally possible over small spaces, too. You can avail benefits of full color printing, which allows you to be creative with your choice of colors for the information, which you wish to print over these small magnets.

Although these reasons have worked for many marketers who were skeptical that small promotional magnets may do no good to them. Moreover, we sincerely believe that these may work for your business, too.