6X8 Magnets: Tips and Tricks to Make Best Use of Them for Lead Generation

Today, magnet advertising is catching up like a fire because marketers find it impressive and good alternative for lead generation. With advanced magnet cutting technologies, it is possible to find large and smaller personalized magnets as per one’s budget. Investing in 6×8 magnets is one of the smartest things you can do for lead generation. Here is how you can go about it–

6x8 inch Round Corner Custom Printed Full Color Magnets 25-mil


  • Snap them with a title
    Snap their attention by writing a title using powerful words such as – Unlock, Time Sensitive, Finally, Savings, Free, Discounts, Proven, Discover, etc.
  • Use striking colors and effective graphics
    A full color image can strike viewers like none else. A stunning graphics will always steal attention with their liveliness. People would be encouraged to look at it, whenever they go near their refrigerator door or car. The image serves as the focal point of advertising and you can explore possibilities by positioning your branded images or niche specific messages. Most eCommerce stores stocking customized magnets would offer you benefit of free full color printing.
  • Why they should buy it from you?
    Give them a reason why they should prefer you. Focus on benefits to make a prospect understand why they should buy it from you. Perhaps this can be done by adding information about the product, its credibility, and other details.
  • Trigger an action
    What is the prime aim of marketing? To evoke an action, right! Then do it. You can trigger an action from a prospective customer by using words such as “hurry up, offer valid till the stock lasts” “First fives will win a holiday to Spain,” etc. This type of action will easily bring you some quick leads than expected.
  • Say it in simple words
    Although brochures, website, and several other marketing materials are used by businesses to build an impact, but people may not see them every day. You can ensure their participation and bonding with your business over 6×8 magnets. Tell them why you differ from others and why you are more customer friendly. Keep your business messages short and sweet.
  • Where they can find you?
    Many businesses are rolling out promotional magnets for building an impact, but they largely concentrate on the show and brouhaha rather than passing the right message. Mention it clearly, where your customers can find you and how soon you can come to their help. When most big businesses with vast outreach can easily get away with their website URL’s, local businesses such as food marketers, individual businesses, and others can do it by adding their contact details.

Personalized 6x8 Round Corner Full Color Magnet 20 mil

Tricks for Success through 6×8 Customized Magnets

You can best employ 6×8 magnets as–

  • Sales Flyers – You perhaps know what do they mean? Don’t forget to make it catchy and inspiring.
  • Discount Coupons – They are perfect to attract attention of your customer and loosen their purse strings.
  • Menu Magnets – Tick their hunger and influence their buying decision by offering full color menu magnets.
  • Rack Cards –A short and inspiring way to introduce your business and make them believe in you!

By purchasing your customized magnets from an online store stocking only made in USA magnets, you can save on online design proof, art setup, shipping, and full color printing.