7 Ways 4X4.5 magnets Can Help You to Build Stronger Relationships

Today, magnet advertising is becoming a source of relationship building with marketers and individuals due to its high success rate. Over the years, many rectangle and square magnets have become popular and 4x 4.5 magnets are one of them. Here are seven ways, in which these full color magnets deliver a superior relationship building experience –

4x4.5 Square Corner Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

Save the Date Magnets/Save, the Date Business Flyers
Save the date magnets are very popular choice for individuals wishing to announce their special day in style. This style of announcement is also preferred for sending invitations for the milestone birthdays, engagements, theme parties, potluck parties, etc. Many businesses are aping this style to regenerate public interest in their brand. Save the date business flyers are hot and businesses are following this pattern to announce the opening of their new store, the restoration of branch franchise and more. Whatever be the reason of gifting people would love these lively magnets and they may never part with it.

Announcement Magnets
Do you wish to announce your mega sale in style? Do you wish to express your happiness on graduation? Do you wish to spend some time with your loved ones recollecting your working years? Look no further, as 4×4.5 magnets would be at your disposal. Only you need to print your information against it and bulk mail it or gift it during the next available opportunity.

Business Card Magnets
People aren’t fond of business cards like before because they may get displaced in transition or they end up in landfill as a trash. However, you can easily buy their attention with a smart edge by gifting a enhanced version of a business card (2×3.5 magnets). Perfect for tradeshow gifting, bulk mailing and building relationships during community programs or other occasions.

Bumper Magnets
Apart from magnet advertising, there is no other medium, which offers satisfaction and high impact with their long-term exposure. 4×4.5 outdoor safe magnets are becoming the preferred choice for marketers who wish to introduce their business in style. Although they know that people may not be able to see them from long distances, still they would take note of it, while the car is parked in the garage or driven through crowded areas of the city.

Artist Magnets
On Googling, the query may not bring any significant search results, but this term is slowly gathering momentum. Many artists, entertainers, and party organizers are depending on full color magnets for spreading word about their business. Artist magnets are largely favored by upcoming bands and artist groups, which wish to sculpt a loyal fan base with minimum efforts. This advertising technique also suits museums, art galleries and art consortium, which wish to attract quality viewers to their exhibitions. They can sell it as a souvenir or include it within ticket pricing.

Discount Coupons
They are perfect for building relationships with your clients and prospective customers. You can gift customized magnets 4×4.5 discount magnets to your customers during the regular business days or during tradeshows. People would love to retain the memorabilia of a great purchase, which means these discount coupons may end on their refrigerator door as a mark of respect.

Fundraiser Magnets
Fundraiser events are usually conducted for fundraising and people are coaxed to buy small priced purposeful objects to show their support for the cause. Customized fundraiser magnets 4.5 x 4 are perfect for value building and can be employed by businesses and individuals in raising awareness about a cause. Full color printing adds to their impact and makes them a standout in the crowd.

As they say, only sky is the limit of imagination, while working with personalized magnets, and this one is no different. You can easily figure out many more ways of relationship building over 4x 4.5 magnets.

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