7X3 Magnets – How to Use Them? Question of the Week

7×3 magnets are one of the promising personalized magnets on the block and they pack large persuasion potential. Here are some of the suggested ways to put them into the best use without worrying about their failure.

7x3 Square Corner Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

Save the Date – Wedding Magnets
As you all may agree falling in love is perhaps the most beautiful feeling in the life. Love becomes their reason of existence, whenever a couple decides to take their relationship to the next level. A marriage becomes an affair to remember due to the presence of your loved ones, isn’t it? Couples find it difficult to announce their big day in style and sophisticated manner by living within limits. Today, many couples are seeking save the date magnets because they are stylish, impressive, and affordable. People would happily accept a 7×3 save the date magnet that they received in a mailbox. Perhaps they would retain it as a memoir of a beautiful relationship forever.

Save the Date – Sales Flyers
As said before, asking people to save the date for your wedding can be strenuous thing, if you are unsure about how they will react. Similarly, making people to attend your sales event would be furthermore strenuous, if you are unsure about public reactions. You can easily achieve your target by seeking save the date –sales flyers printed in the style of a save the date wedding magnet. People would love them and retain them as a memoir of your great day. The visuals and branding information, which you printed over these customized magnets, would easily work in your favor.

3x7 Save The Date Magnets

Puzzle Magnets
Straight promotions may not work every time because people may get easily bored of it. You can indulge them by sending puzzle magnets. Many businesses are offering interesting puzzle magnets crafted over 7×3 magnets for luring customers to their business. They are indulging people with hidden riddles and puzzles, which will buy their attention and gift them handsomely. Today, businesses understand that rather than hardcore marketing, they have to concentrate on building brand advocates and influencers. This is why they are finding unusual ways to reach out to their target audience.

Outdoor Magnets
Customized 7 x3 magnets – outdoor safe would help marketers to branch out in exciting ways. They may not attract a vast segment of the audience whom they meet while driving to the workplace, but they would definitely make a mark on quality audience. Outdoor magnets are usually offered in 30 MIL and are UV safe, which means they would counter all bad weather elements with ease.

Branded magnets
Customized 7 x3 magnets printed with the branding information in the format of rack cards or brochures are perfect for driving traffic to your business. Branded magnets are enhanced versions of promotional business card magnets.

Greetings Magnets
Personalized magnets 7 x3 are perfect for sending wishes to your targeted customers and prospects during the holiday season. 3×7 magnets lend you a slender and plentiful surface for positioning your greetings and business information.

This blog only discusses handful ways of using 7 x3 magnets; whereas, you can experiment and explore more. On purchasing customized magnets from any reputed online eCommerce store selling made in USA magnets, you can save on online design proof, art setup, shipping, and full color printing.