7X2.5 Magnets and Smart Lead Generation – What They are Like?

7×2.5 magnets and smart lead generation may sound very weird to marketers who are known to make big marketing investments. This blog post is inspired by tested and tried marketing techniques for smart lead generation over small marketing areas.

7x2.5 Square Corner Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

  • Use Element of Scarcity
    You might have seen food stores urging people to stock up their supplies before the arrival of winter. They try to benefit from the element of scarcity, which creates fear within people. It is quite human to be influenced by the fear of scarcity. You can use 7×2.5 magnets for positioning limited quantity and limited time offers.

  • Create Bandwagon Effect
    Marketing messages such as “20,000 satisfied customers and still counting” or “Join 40,000 others who have purchased from us” will have a profound effect on your prospective customers because humans always love to copy.

  • Encourage Desperate Marketing
    Desperation comes with a feeling that something is running out of time and it is very much similar to the element of scarcity above. You can always make people desperate to believe that your product is fast disappearing from the market shelves and they should buy it before it ends. You can pique their interest using words such as “Enjoy 60% discount shopping for next 24 hours.” You can send short, crisp, and persuasive messages to your regular clients to encourage their desperate shopping.

  • Call for Action
    Putting call for action over customized 7×2.5 magnets may sound odd for marketers who always believed that this strategy worked only for eCommerce businesses. They can use this call for action to drive traffic to their eCommerce website or brick –and-mortar store. Offering something free or reduced costs is the best way to push their interests and encourage them to buy it from you. Don’t forget to add contact us or website links over personalized magnets.

  • Emphasize on Benefits
    Tell them why they should buy from you. Use elements of benefits for piquing their interests. You can decide what all benefits you want to emphasize on such as some certification that you recently acquired, price savings that you offer, and more.

  • Add a Pinch of Creativity to Your Business Messages
    Have you ever thought why some branding advertisements clicked and others failed? Because they were creative and persuasive enough to influence a prospect! You can perhaps add a pinch of creativity to your business messages by utilizing benefit of full color printing offered by eCommerce stores stocking 7×2.5 magnets. This means marketers need not worry about the choice of colors to make their business information stand out. They can easily match their promotional magnet with their original branding materials.

7 x2.5 custom magnets may not be large enough to act like a business poster or billboard, but they are indeed good to evoke responses from your prospects. You can avail these promotional magnets in various stock sizes such as 20 MIL, 25 MIL, and 30 MIL (outdoor safe) and select them as per the requirement. Additionally, you can save on online design proof, art setup, and shipping because their prices are usually included within products.