Employing 7X2 Magnets to Turn Strangers into Supporters is Quite Easy

Employing 7×2 magnets to turn strangers into supporters is quite easy, given that you print it with an appropriate Call-To-Action. Magnet advertising is a largely unexplored domain, in comparison to digital marketing and print marketing. Marketers are still wary of employing customized magnets for value building. However, they are largely ignorant that it requires very few efforts and less money to popularize their brand, if they are considering magnet advertising. We are sure that there might be some, who think that small promotional magnets 7×2 are pure wastage of efforts; perhaps they have not utilized its potential. Here is how they can use it for converting strangers and critics-

7x2 inch Square Corner Custom Printed Full Color Magnets

Say it Crisply and Clearly
The basic step to a compelling CTA is clear and crisp messages. You should inspire a prospect to take a favorable buying decision by seeing the personalized 7×2 magnet. Answer their why’s in the way you want. You can say something as “Avail Free Shipping on All Christmas Shopping”, “Grab 10% Discount Till the Offer Lasts”.

Define the Actions
If you don’t know what do they mean, perhaps you should research them appropriately. Create a list of snappy verbs such as “Act”, “Help”, “Save”, “Buy”, “Choose”, “Donate”, “Sign Up”, etc. You can add a secondary CTA saying how their purchase or donation would aid your brand or others.

Build Influence by Design
Design is the primary thing, which influences a viewer. You can always make your promotional messages stand out with an influential design. Most online eCommerce stores stocking custom magnets 7×2 offer the benefit of free full color printing. This means you can go lavish with your color choices and creativity. The best thing is, even after you wrap up your short marketing offers, your customers would be compelled to retain these customized magnets as a refrigerator art or decorating item over their work cabin. It will continue to remind them, why they should consider buying it again from you.

Happy Holidays Refrigerator Magnets 7x2-in

Choose Only the Best
Do you know the basic idea of promotional gifting? Perhaps the basic idea is building an impact and forging lasting relationships. You don’t want to lose your credibility by gifting low quality promotional gifts. Also, nowadays people aren’t fond of promotional items such as caps, notebooks, or anything, which they cannot use after a certain point of time. You can easily approach customers by gifting them high quality promotional magnets, which double up as a brand advertisement and a refrigerator art. On visiting online eCommerce stores, you will find them in stock sizes as varied as 20 MIL, 25 MIL and 30 MIL (outdoor safe). You can select the appropriate sizes depending on your requirement. Remember, a good quality promotional gift itself speaks for your brand. Recipients would be happier to think that your brand is genuine and it only believes in quality. Again, that is a good reason for Call-to-Action.

The above mentioned are only some suggestions to make best use of small and effective personalized 7×2 magnets. You can easily discover many other ways of impact building over these advertising magnets. Wishing you a happy branding with these small rectangular magnets.