Allow 7X1.75 Magnets to Rule Your Campaign

7×1.75 magnets are one such rectangle magnets, which are sought by marketers for building vast impact on their brand. The term magnet advertising may evoke lukewarm responses in marketers who have failed with big budget marketing investments and in those who are unaware of it. Perhaps it always generates favorable responses from marketers who have known that it allows them to get creative and competitive at the same time. Although advertising magnets can be availed in many shapes and sizes, whereas rectangle and square magnets are hot sellers. 1.75x 7 magnets are one of the hot selling promotional magnets. Now you might ask what impact can small promotional magnets generate? Here is why you should consider them seriously–

7x1.5 Square Corner Custom Printed Magnets 20 Mil

  • They make you believe that smaller the better
    Perhaps everyone wants to be seen. If you observe the human society, people identify each other with their physical features and largely develop nicknames such as big, small, fat, tall, etc. Now the same rule applies to promotional magnet advertising, too. People identify advertising magnets, which are large and small. Perhaps they would be happier to receive 7×1.75 magnets, which are small, but big enough to entangle their attention over the refrigerator door.
  • They allow bigger space to position your CTA (Call-to-Action) information
    CTA or Call to Action is the supreme feature of any marketing item and promotional magnet is no different. Perhaps, you aren’t planning to position large marketing literature over these small promotional magnets, isn’t it? You can easily say whatever you want to say in short and sweet words such as “Hurry Up Special Sale Up to 21 January”, etc.
  • They allow you to save without regrets
    The moment, marketers listen the word savings, they come to conclusion that perhaps the vendor is offering them cheap or low quality items. However, the same is not true with 7×1.75 customized magnets offered at many online eCommerce stores stocking made in USA magnets. They allow you to save on efforts (by offering free art setup, free online design proof), shipping (free shipping is usually offered within the Continental USA) and free full color printing, thereby enabling marketers to go lavish with their colors and designs. Doesn’t that sound great?! Additionally, these eCommerce stores also offer choices in different stock sizes such as 20 MIL, 25 MIL and 30 MIL. Also, you can save by bulk ordering from them. Many advertisers feel that these benefits would aid them in regretful shopping.
  • They are perfect to spread word about your business and lot easier to manage
    On hearing 7×1.5, you can imagine the dimension and weight of the final product. Gifting away customized magnets during tradeshows and other mass promotional events is a lot easier than indulging in search marketing and print advertising, which takes time to click. At first, people may not be attracted to your promotional pitch, but they would be happy to receive an item, which will beautify their refrigerator doors and make it worth looking at. Slowly a brand consciousness will percolate in their minds because they can easily find your contact information, when they are in dire need.

If all these years, you thought that small promotional magnets such as 7×1.75 magnets are real waste, you should start thinking otherwise and allow them to rule your campaign and bring you real success.