7X1.5 Magnets: How to Use Them for Business Exposure

If it would have been 1920’s, perhaps you would not have thought about magnet advertising because it never existed then. By the 60’s you might have attempted it as a fresh breath of air from the regular print and media-advertising circus that existed. However, by 2000’s, it is rising to the level that every business must attempt it at least once to make impressions and buy attention of the crowd. If you believe that 7 x1.5 magnets are smaller and cannot do any good for your business, perhaps you are wrong because they can bring you big exposure. Only you need to be precise and thoughtful.

7x1.5 Square Corner Custom Full Color Magnets 25 Mil

Frankly speaking, people don’t care, whether you are pursuing them over a banner or billboard or a newspaper page, they only bother about your clichéd messages. This means, you can employ customized 7×1.5 magnets for evoking positive responses from your customers. You can use it for CTA or for sculpting relationships. Research on internet about the compelling CTA or Call to Action sentences for better clarity.

Focus on Customer Needs
Have you ever thought why do some campaigns make the mark and some others fail miserably? Because the one that made mark focused on the customer’s needs and others were simply painting structures in the air. If you want to join the earlier league, we suggest, you should start considering customer needs rather than deviating to other things. You can address the current situation rather than glorifying your credentials. For example, in these testing economical times, you can offer them some savings or offer them best buy pricing or anything, which they would appreciate. And believe us 7×1.5 magnets allow you to do that. You do not need to be loud or write marketing bibles to buy public attention, only you need to be straight and forward with your targets. If you don’t wish to do direct sales, then try to appeal people with that special information that you wish to share with them. For eg – you can employ 7×1.5 save the date sales magnets for promoting your tradeshow or you can use 7×1.5 holiday magnets for building courtesy. Whatever be the need or purpose of distributing customized magnets, try to keep the customers needs in mind.

1.5x7 Custom Save the Date Magnets Wedding

Use Appealing Graphics
We can assume that this is not the first time, you are attempting at marketing. Whenever, earlier you attempted marketing, you were bogged down by fears of overburdening your budget, isn’t it? You could never use the colors the way you want because the printer reminded that it will add to your costs. However, with customized magnets 7×1.5, you can remain carefree about the choice of colors and creativity because most online eCommerce stores stocking them offer free full color printing. You can easily turn Monet or Picasso of Expressions by working over these customized magnets.

Avoid Hyping and Fluffing
It is an another fact that you don’t get large space for fluffing and hyping over customized 7 x 1.5 magnets, but still there might be some who may practice it. A best promotional marketing item is the one, which offers purpose rather than bluffing or fluffing. If you wish to turn your customized magnet into another bluff and fluff item such as those paper flyers, then be ready to face the same fate. You can make it informative and at the same time sound relevant with short business messages such as “Save”, “Free”, “Instant”, etc.

You can receive many valuable benefits such as free art setup, free online design proof, free shipping and free full color printing by ordering your customized 7×1.5 magnets from any reputed eCommerce store stocking only made in USA magnets.