8.5X6 Magnets – Tips to Use Them for Focusing and Niching

Marketers can polish their virtue of smart advertising by marketing through 8.5 x6 magnets. If you wish to know how, feel free to stick with this blog.

Smart marketers always focus on their niche. There is an old adage – if you chase two monkeys, both will escape. On entering into the business, you will understand that the mass market is made up of various niches and you should concentrate on specific consumer groups than the vast audience. You should always try to find gold in concentrated niches rather than a across a vast niche landscape.

8.5x6 Square Corner Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

Here is how you can attempt niching and focusing using 8.5 x 6 magnets.

  • Sell to Existing Customers
    Retaining an existing customer is more important than finding a new one because the latter eats up 10 times more investments. You can sell to existing customers for better focusing. There might be customers who purchased from your store the last month, you can take down their details and promote the new advertisements by sending personalized magnets to their homes. This will encourage them to come back to you repeatedly. For example – USAA, an insurance bigwig in the USA was only targeting military officers and apart from regular life insurance, they offered products such as credit cards, mutual funds, etc. This made them improvise their stand in the niche.
  • Slowly Expand it to Accommodate Satellites of the Niche
    Does that sound astronomical? Never-ever! After concentrating on the niche, you should slowly start enlarging its influence. For example – You are selling a vital nutrition supplement for women above 55+, after time think of expanding its outreach by including women who are attaining their menopause or who are struggling with various health issues resulting from imbalanced minerals and vitamin complaints. This type of targeting will help you to expand your outreach and build confidence.
  • Keep Them Grounded with Surprises and Specials
    Why Disney Land has become a benchmark for every other amusement park on the earth? It is definitely not because it was one of the first of its kinds or it operates through various locations or it splurges on multimillion advertising. The success of Disney Land largely stems from its ability to ground a consumer through various specials and surprises. It strives to create a difference and attracts a consumer repeatedly. Similarly, you can attempt to surprise your regular customer with news of special surprises, and perhaps a small tinge of bewilderment at times (do not make it a priority) over these personalized 8.5 x 6 magnets.
  • Take Care to Approach Them during Jubilations and Tribulations
    Perhaps no one can predict, when a consumer is having a tribulation or individual jubilation, isn’t it? You can attempt it by sending wishes to a customer during festivals or sending concerns during instances of public shootouts, calamities, etc. It will definitely make a customer to believe that you are one consumer friendly brand, who cares for their life.

There is no hard and fast rule that you should only attempt the above-mentioned examples of niching and focusing over customized 6×8.5 magnets, you can strive to be different all times. Enjoy great savings on online design proof, art setup, shipping, and full color printing.