Custom 9X4 Magnets- How About Using Them for Culpa Marketing?

On reading the blog title on using 9×4 magnets for culpa marketing, you might be wondering what it is and how it looks. Perhaps it is the one form of marketing, which is avoided by marketers because it bruises their ego and makes them appear more human than their niche counterparts. Culpa marketing means accepting your business mistakes by conveying it directly to your customers. Over the years, many successful brands have set examples for brilliant culpa marketing.

9x4 inch Square Corner Custom Printed Full Color Magnets

Send Apologies
Imagine this situation – last season you sold 5000 cream pastries and people had mixed reactions about its quality. They complained you about its bad texture and taste, but you chose to ignore the situation and continued selling your product. What will happen? This year, the target of 5000 cream pastries is definitely out of the question because your reputation is already at the stake. Your stubbornness to accept defeat will not expose you to severe economic conditions, but also blackmark your business. As a result, many other bagel makers in your area will benefit from your disgrace. To avoid such sickening business situations, try to send apologies to home of your regular customers. This will help them to believe that you are the one brand, which accepts mistakes and wishes to correct it, too. You can use large 9×4 magnets for positioning real solutions for the crisis caused by your business.

Make Them Believe You are Really Interested to Serve Them
It is very important for you to make your customers believe that you are really interested to serve them above their expectations. For example – In 2013, Domino’s devised a customer friendly initiative. Over the years, Domino’s have rolled out fast and speedy deliveries. People were happy that they were getting their meals on time, but at the same time, they complained about weakening tastes and “cardboard” like pizza crust and ketchup tomato sauce. Domino’s openly admitted its flaws and came up with idea of serving lip smacking handmade pan pizza to their esteemed customers. Their delivery boxes were printed with quick surveys, which mapped customer’s reactions. In addition, they requested customers to get back to them in different ways. Taking cue from this culpa marketing strategy, you can build a very realistic promotional campaign over 9×4 magnets, which inspires people to get associated with you. Admit that yours is a business run by humans, which means there might be mistakes and efforts to correct them.

People would be happier to retain inspiring promotional magnets over their refrigerator doors or car doors and they would discuss it with others.

You can use many other larger sized promotional magnets for building influence on your customer segment. On buying 4×9 magnets from any reputed online eCommerce stocking only advertising magnets made in USA, you are saving on online design proof, art setup, shipping, and full color printing. Also, you are going to rest with satisfaction of investing in a product, which are entirely produced in America and is lead-free.

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