Employing 4X8 Magnets for Local Marketing can be a Smart Marketing Excercise

We are sure that most local businesses might have avoided high-end advertising in the initial years thinking that they are expensive. Today, many of them are turning to magnet advertising because it is affordable, adorable, and perfect for building impact on their targeted customer base. With magnet advertising gaining momentum, local businesses are lavishing on large promotional magnets such as 4×8 magnets for building impact on the brand. Over the years, many small and big individual businesses enjoyed an eclectic start by investing in customized magnets 4×8. Here are some brilliant examples of using them for local marketing-

4x8 inch Square Corner Full Color Emergency Magnets

Plumber magnets
The plumber is an indispensable feature of a domesticated life and their species are facing extinction due to lack of skilled labor (pun intended). Most plumbers thrive on word-of-mouth advertising and their business grows through referrals. They can easily build credibility to their business by gifting away full color plumber magnets 4×8. Plumbers can customize it with their service information, contact details, logo, or an image. People would be happier to retain such customized services magnets over their refrigerator door.

4x8 inch Round Corner Custom Printed Full Color Magnets 25 mil

Hair and Beauty Salon Magnets
4×8 hair and beauty salon magnets are sure to become an asset to hair and beauty parlors, which are trying to attract the right clientele. It takes them years to build a loyal customer base because theirs is one business, which grows by word-of-the-mouth marketing. Start up beauty businesses or established businesses, both can rely on promotional magnets to spread word about their business. They can hand it to their valued customers during tradeshows, community events, or mail it to the homes of their prospective or regular customers. Full color advertising magnets also work for freelance hair stylists and beauty practitioners who wish to make their services available for anyone in need.

Restaurant Magnets
Food is one of the most competitive niches in the USA. There are hundreds of theme restaurants in each city and town catering to a specific clientele. Now they can efficiently position their business information through large full color 4×8 magnets. It is perfect to spread the word about business by printing logo, contact details, and business information in vibrant colors over these magnets. Restaurants and other food establishments can utilize these large promotional magnets to print their specials, rates and contact details. People would easily see them and order them, whenever the hunger pangs start overpowering their spirits. These restaurant magnets offer long-term visibility to restaurants and they can easily save on their marketing budget.

Landscaping and Garden Services
Most landscaping and garden services possess dedicated client accounts and their business grows through referrals. Landscaping and gardening is an important aspect of outdoor décor and many of these services double up as snow removal services during the winter. Landscapers/gardeners/snow removal services can easily promote their business through customized magnets 4×8. They can print them with their specials, contact details, logo and other business information perfectly over these custom magnets. It is perfect to gift away full color magnet during services or during niche tradeshows, etc.

Pizza Magnets
Pizza is a very popular dish in America and they contribute to the American nutrition profile. No wonder, it takes extra efforts for a newbie pizza marketer to drive customers because there are literally hundreds of pizza outlets operating through individual owners and big pizzeria chains. If you are one of them feel free to stick with customized 4×8 magnets. They offer large space for building impressions on the clientele, which have purchased from your competitors all these years.

The list of local businesses seeking benefit from 4×8 magnets is not limited to only the above mentioned. Many others have sought them for value building without second thoughts and they have already enjoyed many such benefits.