How 10X8 Magnets Meets Priorities of Your Marketing Department?

Today, with vast changing business landscape, priorities of CMO’s (Chief Marketing Officers) are changing. They are testing various traditional and digital marketing strategies to fulfill ever-increasing demands from their niche. This blog concentrates on how 10 x8 magnets help marketers to meet priorities of their marketing department.

10x8 Square Corner Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

By Offering Brand Consistency
Marketers can improve brand consistency by setting guidelines and improving brand recognition. They can use these large promotional magnets for offering consistency for their information. They can hand out full color 8 x10 magnets packing maximum brand information during tradeshows, and other promotional events.

By Offering Better Customer Relationships
Unlike other promotional strategies, magnet advertising helps to better customer relationships. They don’t offer information at the flick of the moment, rather they serve customers by remaining before them for long time. By gifting customized magnets, marketers are not only offering a spectacular refrigerator art, but also allowing customers to swallow the information at their own pace. Just imagine the situation – a person is viewing a television and they are seeing your advertisement for flick of moment. It is not necessary that they may remember it because they are seeing many other advertisements offering same type of product solutions. You can perhaps stick their eyes to your brand information by offering them full color 10 x 8 magnets. People would happily retain them over refrigerator doors and car doors.

By Offering Great Value for Investment
As said before although radio and television advertisements may forge mass attention for the brand, but they may not offer great value for investment. People have short memories of radio and television advertisements because they are short and there are several others offering the same range of products. However, magnet advertisements may stick for long time and they offer great value for investment. People can look at them whenever they wish and at their own will. A brand advertisement designed over customized magnets may cost marketer below $5, but it will offer them yearlong exposure. Many online eCommerce stores offer these promotional magnets in sizes 20 MIL, 25 MIL and 30 MIL, and marketers can select them as per the preferences.

By Personalizing Experiences
Customized 10 x8 magnets can personalize experiences due to their ability to stick. Unlike fast moving television ads or radio advertisements, these custom magnets can personalize experiences. People would look at them and understand the information printed over them, before arriving at buying conclusion, doesn’t that sounds great. What else does a CMO expects? They only expect people to react to personalized experiences.

On purchasing customized magnets from any reliable online eCommerce store, marketers can save on efforts for branding as well as shipping. Many of these stores also offer benefits of free full color printing and lowest price match guarantee.