Positioning 5X1.75 Magnets for Branding May Lead You to Victory

Who said small might not work for you? Have you ever tried it seriously to make your campaigns stand out over small promotional magnets? If not, then you should be reading this blog about why 5×1.75 magnets may lead you to the victory.

5x1.75 Square Corner Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

Awareness Magnets
Raising awareness about the brand or cause is the first and foremost thing that you can do for buying respects of your customer segment. Awareness magnets printed with information supporting a cause or social issue is sure to take you closer to your targeted customers. People would love to retain such customized magnets over their refrigerator doors and might discuss it with others, too. Awareness building is a great way to buy victory for your brand.

Save the Date Sales Magnets
What is the harm in getting personal with your brand information? Perhaps you can get a little personal with your business information by gifting away save the date sales magnets. You can make them impressive by printing your information in large letters supported with full color images. Save the date sales magnets are becoming the new norm for sending pre-invitations, inviting press attention for a corporate event or inviting attracting customers to the product launch, etc.

Fundraiser Magnets
Giving back to the society is the hot theme amongst marketers and they are religiously following it for making impact on the crowd. If you plan to contribute to the society and buy mass attention to your purpose, feel free to stick with customized 5 x 1.75 magnets. They are becoming a great school fundraiser and corporate fundraiser item. People would be happier to invest in such promotional magnets because it stirs their pride and crushes their ego.

Sales Coupon
Do you know who is a successful marketer? The one who always knows how to keep the customer bonded to them forever. This why many of them are continuously giving away sales coupons and other value added gifts. Customized 5 x1.75 magnets with sales information announcing some mega sales, discounts or hot savings are sure to make you popular with your customers.

Brand Advocacy Gift
There is 0an ongoing debate – who is more powerful a brand influencer or a brand advocate. A brand influencer is the person paid to promote your brand and their loyalty may end the moment you stop paying them. However, a brand advocate is a person who remains stuck to your brand forever. You can easily practice brand advocacy by handsomely gifting your customers. No wonder, many marketers are coming up with brilliant referral marketing and brand advocacy ideas. You can perhaps try some of them over customized 1.75 x 5 magnets by announcing some price benefits to the customer who introduces several other buyers.

Smart advertising and creative inputs are the two requisites for leading successful campaigns. You can easily buy the attention of your clients and competitors by choice of information that you want to share with them.

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