5 Degrees of Comparison between 5X1.5 Magnets and Sliced Bread

Magnet advertising is comparable to the sliced bread because both offer sumptuous benefits without compromising on the quality. Here is why we believe that 5 x1. 5 magnets are the best thing since sliced bread-

5x1.5 Round Corner Custom Printed Magnets 25 Mil

Allow you to Sandwich Different Marketing Ideas for Creating a Synergized Branding Concept
A slice of bread and 5 x1. 5 magnet both can be used for sandwiching purposes. A promotional magnet allows a marketer to sandwich their ideas in a better wrap. They can experiment AIDCA rules of marketing over these sleek and slender promotional magnets to create a synergized branding concept. No wonder, many marketers are seeking customized magnets for introducing their brand, announcing their special information and more.

Allow You to Get Creative and Lavish at the Same Time
There is no hard and fast rule that one should eat sliced bread as a toast or a sandwich. It is up to an eater to decide what he wishes to make out the sliced bread offered to him. Similarly, there is no hard and fast rule that marketers should use a promotional magnet for only announcing sales or advocating their brand benefits, rather they can use it for goodwill creation, too. Marketers can use 5×1.5 magnets for creating impressive sale content or announcing the opening of their new office or announcing the shift to the new location or for sending New Year or Christmas wishes.

Marketers who are sourcing customized promotional magnets from reputed online store selling only made in USA magnets can enjoy benefits of free full color printing. This means they can choose to make a toast, sandwich or anything from the sliced bread lying before them (read magnet) without worrying about escalating the costs of marketing. They have all liberty to choose and use colors as per their own will without worrying about overburdening their marketing budget.

Awareness 1.5x5 Round Corner Full Color Custom Magnets

Offers You Umpteen Savings
A sliced bread are staple for many Americans and they make great complete meal in themselves. Similarly, a customized 5 x 1.5 magnet is a complete promotional gift in itself. You can make umpteen savings by ordering these customized magnets from any online made in USA store. They offer you benefit of free online design proof, free art setup, and free shipping, which allows you to save on efforts and make umpteen savings.

A Staple Food for Everyone
As said before sliced bread is a staple in almost all American homes and people don’t have second or third opinions about it. Similarly, a customized magnet is sure to become a staple in homes of your customers. Full color printing over these custom magnets makes them adorable and a staple over refrigerator doors. It is believed that 70% of the US homes have one or the other type of promotional magnet. Unlike other promotional items, customized magnets triggers the feeling of one size fits for all. A promotional 1.5 x 5 magnet is sure to become a staple in the homes of your targeted customers.

Adds Value For Branding
Imagine a sandwich, roll or toast without a sliced bread – ooh what a goofup?! It would be a goof up, if you wish to do refrigerator advertising without a high quality customized magnet. They add value to any big and small campaign with their long exposure.

Perhaps you can map more and more comparisons about customized 5 x 1.5 magnets after working closely with them.