Quiz : 7X8 Magnets

Magnet advertising is gathering momentum and people are considering it as a feisty alternative to print advertising and social media marketing. Now this blog title reads 7×8 magnets – quiz, which means here is everything you wanted to know about them answered through questions and these answers remain valid for most other big square and rectangle magnets, you may see ever.

7x8 Square Corner Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

Are 7×8 magnets perfect for my kinda’ campaign?
Yes, they are perfect for any kind of campaign because people would easily notice them over refrigerator doors and car doors.

Do you think 7 x8 magnets are affordable?
Yes, they are affordable, if you purchase them in bulk. Who said magnet advertising is only a rich advertisers priority. You can easily afford these customized magnets for building impact over a vast segment of customers because huge discounts are offered on such orders. By looking at the dimension, you might have understood that these rectangle magnets are only offered by eCommerce stores selling made in USA magnets. They offer great savings in the form of free art setup, free online design proof, free shipping, and free full color printing.

Do 7×8 magnets score over print promotional items?
Yes, they do score over regular print promotional items due to their power of affixation. The best thing is you can bridge a gap between a printed promotional item and magnet advertising with minimum efforts. This means you can design every promotional paper item over magnet and present them as a new thing. It will not only increase your persuasiveness, but also improve your visibility.

Are 7 x8 magnets powerful than search engine and other forms of digital media marketing?
It is difficult to measure whether 7 x8 magnets ( or magnet advertising in whole) is powerful than a search engine or other forms of digital media advertising because there is very less data available on the same. However, businesses can use personalized magnets for sharing their contact details including website URL and link bait. This will encourage people to visit the particular web page and share their views.

Would people take me seriously, if I gift them a promotional magnet 8×7?
Why not?! After all, you are trying to differentiate your business from other real estate marketers. Perhaps you are trying to get closer to your customers in an unusual way, isn’t it?. Also, you are not attempting at hardcore business marketing because full color promotional magnet stays up as a refrigerator art or car art ( 30 MIL , UV safe).

What are the chances of having long term with customized magnets 8×7?
As dimension suggests, you are only bound to grab these custom magnets at an online store, stocking only Made in USA magnets. This means you are expected to find them in stock sizes – 20 MIL, 25 MIL, and 30 MIL.

Do customized magnets 8 x7 evoke feeling of reliability and trust in an onlooker?
They do evoke feeling of reliability and trust with their near to perfect square shape. People still get attracted to authentic information printed over square and rectangle magnets.

Would people take me seriously after gifting those personalized magnets?
Why not? They would definitely take you seriously. They would think great about a marketer, who gave them reason to remember.

Can I use 8×7 magnets for personalizing my individual experiences?
Why not?! You can use 8 x7 magnets for personalizing your individual experiences. You can use it for announcing your wedding, graduation, affiliation with a particular social cause and people would enjoy them.

The above questionnaire covers all possible questions that people have already raised or may intend to ask about personalized magnets.

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