Using 6X11.5 Magnets for Generating Passive Income for Your Business

If you have been wondering, “What’s that passive thing”, we should say that it means income, which you get regularly without any added efforts. Custom 6×11.5 magnets are becoming sources for marketers to generate passive incomes. Here is how they are doing it-

6x11.5 Square Corner Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

Calendar Magnets
Calendar magnets are an asset to any campaign because people use them regularly for referring date or scheduling their day or simply for the sake of reminding. They would love to hold customized magnetic calendars over their refrigerator doors or other visible ferrous surfaces such as working cabinets, kitchen cabinets, etc. This is one perfect way of passive income generation for businesses, which wish to grab long-term attention from one time investment.

Holiday Magnets
With every glance their interest in your business would be revived and they would be encouraged to buy from you. Customized 6×11.5 magnets are perfect for sending holiday messages and greetings because people cannot avoid it. They would retain it in visible places within their home. In addition, they would refer to it, whenever they are in need. Perhaps they would easily understand genuinity of the brand, which appreciated their participation in their business.

Awareness Magnets
Custom magnets 6×11.5 is perfect for awareness building about a social cause because they are large, genuine and may never miss an attention. It is true that awareness magnets may not bring you any direct income, but it will infuse positivity in minds of your prospects. They would be compelled to believe that you are not the hardcore marketer who is behind their money. Awareness magnets will be retained for a long term and people would see them every day with pride. Whenever they make a purchase decision, it will always go in your favor because you chose to donate some part of it for the charity. Nowadays, many businesses are strategizing on the term “social responsibility” for building awareness about their brand.

Announcement Magnets
Who can avoid the sight of a promotional magnet 6×11.5 announcing a new trade show, special savings or discounts. This information will slowly grow upon their minds. Do you remember those special pamphlets or flyers inserted in newspapers by local businesses, announcing new business or savings programs or discounts? People used to retain them for a long time and even rushed to the stores for making their purchases. After the event, they eagerly awaited such announcements. Similarly, you can pique interest of your customers by sending them some specialized announcements made over customized magnets 11.5 x6. Perfect for gifting during tradeshows or other promotional events, where mass participation is expected.

Outdoor Car Magnets
You don’t need to install big banners or billboards to announce your business, only you need to employ smart strategies to make your business a standout. You can achieve success with 6×11.5 magnets by employing them for advertising over cars or moving vehicles. People would see your advertisement on the way to school or college and they would start thinking about it rationally, whenever they need to buy your service or product. Doesn’t that sound cool and trendy?

You can devise many other ways of passive income generation by employing promotional magnets 11.5 x 6.