6 Benefits of Custom Refrigerator Magnets As Marketing Tools

Refrigerator magnets are a fun way to bring in repeat business and boost sales? Not tried these custom magnets yet? You could be missing a golden opportunity to boost your brand image on a budget. Take a second look at the incredible benefits that custom magnets ensure.

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  1. Highly Useful To Customers
    Refrigerator magnets add a pop of color and identity to the fridge doors. These are useful for attaching reminders, shopping lists and kid’s artwork to refrigerators to make it a trendy showcase gallery. Nearly everyone uses refrigerator and by handing out magnets you can get your company’s name in many households. You can imprint emergency numbers or CPR tips to enhance the value of fridge magnets for your recipients.
  2. Long lasting
    Refrigerator magnets have a very long shelf life and will remain for years on end in front of your audience. Refrigerator magnets rack up millions of views and create consistent brand impressions at one time investment. Cost effective and popular, refrigerator magnets are perfect options for mass promotions like tradeshows and mailer campaigns.
  3. Building brands through repetition
    Fridge magnets draw easy attention and your audience sees it many times a day. Every time they open the fridge or walk past the refrigerator your brand on these brilliantly colored magnets will catch their gaze. Refrigerator magnets thus create constant brand reinforcement and make your brand familiar among the family audience.
  4. Targeted promotion
    These custom magnets will help you to plan a highly targeted promotion without having to waste your time and money on a wrong audience. Refrigerator magnets are effective for exceptional targeting to reach a highly-relevant audience comprised of people who will actually buy your products. You can use it during  your well-targeted mailing campaigns or  direct-customer handouts to get your brand in the right hands.
  5. Easy to distribute
    Light weight and compact, refrigerator magnets are easy to store and distribute to your targeted audience. You can hand them out directly to customers, slip into their purchase bags, send to a targeted audience via direct-mail or place them as free gifts at the point-of-sale counters.
  6. High visibility Business cards
    Fridge magnets make time-tested references that your audience will find useful to contact you. These full color magnets double up as an attractive business card right in plain view of your audience, which will make it easy for them to reach out to you without having to search online or business directories. All they need to do is to read the contact details imprinted on these magnets. Refrigerator magnets thus make an easily accessible address book right in plain view of your target audience.

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