Custom Refrigerator Magnets – Make Your Brand Stand Out In The Competition

Every marketer strives to beat the marketing clutter and make their brand stand out. Often it is easier said than done. However, promotional items like custom refrigerator magnets will make it rather easy with its interesting die-cut shapes, eye catchy colors and compelling designs. The best part is that you can give shape to your creative ideas all by yourselves with the handy design studio tool that makes it possible for everyone to design their artwork.

4x6 Custom Magnets 25 Mil Square Corners

Earn Consistent impressions as never before

Fridge magnets will make a great reminder of your brand because of their strategic advantage of being in front of your target audience 24 x 7. Every time your recipients open their fridge doors to grab their drinks or lunch, your brand will draw their attention. On an average, an individual opens their refrigerator 15-20 times a day or even more. So, you can imagine the exposure your brand imprinted on these will get. While conventional promotional items like flyers and TV ads only have a limited shelf life, magnets enjoy a very long retention. These vibrant and attractive magnets never get discarded and will always remain as fridge décor items. The best part is that you can make them more valuable for your recipients by imprinting emergency phone numbers, local sports schedules, kitchen conversion units or infact any info that your audience may find useful.

Get your brand in front of your audience with precision

Refrigerator magnets will give the marketers the choice to get their brand among an audience that matters. Be it a mailer campaign or door to door campaign, marketers get the advantage of reaching out to their target audience and hand out these compact promotional items to them. This cannot be said about many other promotional items. Make the most of your promotional dollars by making sure that your message reaches your target audience without fail.

Fridge magnets make interesting banter topics

Refrigerators occupy the heavy traffic zones of home like living room or kitchen, where family members assemble and attend to their guests. So, these full color magnets will draw the attention of not just your recipients but anyone who sees it. An attractive magnet often makes an interesting talking topic among your audience, which in turn will ensure unbeatable word of mouth publicity for your brand.

Budget friendly promotional items

Imprinted magnets are easy on your wallets and make a great choice for mass promotions like mailer campaigns or tradeshows. The low cost advantage will make it a great choice for start-up companies and budget marketers. When traditional advertising options remain out of reach for most marketers because of the exorbitant price involved, these popular handouts make a welcome change.

Custom fridge magnets open the door to new leads and brand popularity. Get custom refrigerator magnets at affordable prices today and grab the attention of your audience easily!