7 Solid Reasons To Employ Custom Refrigerator Magnets in Your Brand Campaign

Custom magnets can be a fresh start for your branding and you will be happy with the results these unique promotional ideas will bring. Since the earliest known advertising magnets of magnetic buttons that were used to commemorate the election victory of George Washington, these logo items have come a long way indeed.


Here are the 7 solid reasons that make refrigerator magnets sure fire promotional items even today.

  1. Magnets make Novelty gifts
    It takes something new and innovative to grab the attention of people and that is where refrigerator magnets score a few brownie points. By getting your logo magnets on to your customer’s refrigerator first, you are rest assured of maximum returns on your investments.
  2. Magnets are budget friendly
    Promotional magnets ensure a consistent brand promotion without any repeat investment or effort. Magnets have one of the lowest costs per impressions among promotional items, which make it a great choice among budget marketers.3.5x6 Custom Wedding Save The Date Magnets 20 Mil
  3. Magnets are original!
    Custom magnets can be customized in an eye catching manner. Be it save the date magnets, business card magnets or calendar magnets, these logo items are available in dime a dozen models that will never fail to grab the attention of your recipients.7.37x7.37 Custom Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners
  4. Magnets are highly visible
    Refrigerator magnets are retained for a minimum of 2 years, which means that there will be substantial increase in the number of customers who see your brand message imprinted on these during this period.
  5. Magnets have a personal touch
    People will trust the information that they see very day in their own house rather than TV ads or billboards, which enhances the personal appeal of promotional magnets.
  6. These will never get trashed
    Magnets make excellent collectibles, fridge décor items and even hold up for the shopping lists and reminders of your customers. Every time your recipients open their fridge doors, (an average of over 20 times a day!), your logo and message will grab the attention of your recipients and enhances your brand recall. The best part is that magnets manage to sneak into the high traffic areas of homes or offices like kitchen or pantry where many people come across these colorful magnets and will take note of your brand.
  7. These make Repeat impressions
    Thanks to the strategic positioning that refrigerator magnets enjoy, these logo items will be seen by the recipients for a number of times, which gives it a viral effect unlike the expensive TV or radio ads, which have a very short life span.

Advertising magnets thus will serve as reminders of your service and products for a very long time. Light weight and unbreakable, these logo items are great for mailer campaigns, tradeshows and other mass promotional events.


  • Business card magnets : Keep your business information right in front of your audience with these delightful refrigerator magnets.
  • Photoframe magnets: An attractive photo frame for your recipients and a handy billboard for your brand!
  • Mini calendar magnets: Welcome the New Year with these calendar magnets that will double up as your brand reminders.
  • Save the date magnets: Keep both the important dates of your events and your brand fresh in the minds of your recipients

Custom magnets thus make fun items that give ample creative scope for marketers to get their message out in the way they like. Shop right away and make the most of the popularity of these custom items.