Everything You Need To Know On the Promotional Potential of Refrigerator Magnets

According to the 2016 promotional products fact sheet of PPAI, custom magnets accounted for 2.01% of the total sales of promotional items, which in itself is a proof of how effective custom magnets are in promoting brands.

Here are some of the benefits of refrigerator magnets

  • Magnets are ridiculously inexpensive and are priced as low as a few cents each
  • It is easy to drop custom magnets in mailers and gifts packets that you send.
  • Promotional magnets are well suited for niche sites customers who buy product only once in a while. News letters and emails might not interest them and the best way to put your brand in front of them will be these logo imprinted magnets, which may not just encourage them to buy your product but also to promote it to others.
  • Magnets are long lasting and well retained. Be it as a refrigerator art or a handy spot to hang up the shopping lists of kids artworks, custom magnets have always been part of every living and working spaces for a very long time.
  • Refrigerator magnets are versatile logo items that can be employed to promote all types of businesses.

Choose from a range of custom refrigerator magnets and leave your brand right in front of your customers.

Refrigerator Calendar magnets A 3.5 x 6 refrigerator calendar magnet with round corner makes an impressive refrigerator magnet. It is also considered a powerful brand building tool due to its distinct appeal. This magnet makes a good giveaway during the trade shows and other business meetings. This magnet can be easily customized against a payment as small as $ Custom Refrigerator Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Business card magnets Customized 2x 3.5 business card magnets -25 mil is a reliable choice for you, if you are expecting long term ROI. This laminated magnet offers best visibility, protection and reliability to your business information. The best part is that every time your recipients need your contact details it will be right in front of them.2x3.5 Personalized Business Card Magnets 25 Mil

Custom magnets round corner These 4 x 6 inch 25 mil rectangle magnets are well sought for their smooth round corners which will make them stand out from the crop of ordinary sharp corner magnets. These easily stick to metal surfaces without causing any damage like a sticker or label might. The ample advertisement space will make it easy to customize these logo magnets.4x6 Custom Magnets 25 Mil Round Corners

Circle shaped magnets Circle shaped magnets not just look good on refrigerator doors but will make your brand and message highly visible.3 Inch Custom Circle Shape Magnets 20 Mil

So, if you have never thought of employing these magnets to promote your brand, to raise funds or spread awareness, it could be the best time to discover the promotional potential of these ubiquitous items.