How Promotional Fridge Magnets Leave Lasting Impressions

How many times have you turned back to look at those colorful magnets that grace the fridge doors? Countless right? Magnets have a timeless charm that is beyond the scope of superlatives! Be it as tourist souvenirs, save the date invites or as announcements, magnets fit into all these roles with ease.   Refrigerator magnets are available in different shapes and sizes, to suit the different needs.

Now for some interesting statistics

A family opens and closes their fridge 25 times a day on an average, which adds up to 10 000 promotional impressions per year. Custom magnets are thus the most efficient and affordable marketing tool.

School Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Refrigerator magnets draw easy attention. Make it more interesting and personal by imprinting your brand, message or logo. Useful information like kitchen conversion tables, emergency numbers or CPR tips will make the magnets more useful for your recipients.

Here are some customization tips that will make your magnets stand out

  • Magnets can list directions of your stores, which makes it easy for the shoppers to find you
  • Your phone number or website address imprinted on these magnets will help the users to make appointments.
  • Adding a calendar will make sure that the refrigerator magnets will remain in front of the audience for a whole year
  • Plan a magnet collection contest or a fun game to find the missing item in a magnetic puzzle to engage your audience with your message.

Magnets can make excellent brand reminders for your business.  Both kids and adults find magnets excellent collectibles. These are fun toys and double up as fridge décor items too. Bonus- It is impossible to miss out these full color magnets that scream out your message.

Let’s be frank about it- magnets go a long way in creating customer loyalty and finding new prospects. The best part is that these do not have any nagging marketing pitch as well. These are especially well suited for home maintenance services like electrical and plumbing works among others.

Your recipients will find it easy to reach out to you every time they need your services without having to flip through the yellow pages or running the risk of hiring a bad plumber. Magnets will help your prospects save their time and effort.

Never thought about employing custom magnets as your marketing tools? What if they have the magnets of your competitors on their fridge doors? It is a lost business opportunity for you. Well, that’s a valid point to take note of isn’t?

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