Magnetic Refrigerator Calendars- Daily Brand Impressions At Cheap Rates

Are you looking for a promotional item that will continue to work for your brand on a daily basis for a whole year, that too without any repeat investment? Look no further than custom calendar magnets. Wondering how?  Traditional advertisements like billboards or TV advertisements involve repeat investment by way of renewal charges and fees while calendar magnets once stuck on to any metallic surface will bellow out your message loud for a whole year and sometimes even beyond!

3.75x4.69 Custom House Shape Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

Magnetic refrigerator calendars are a sensational and budget friendly way of getting your advertising done long term; in fact for a whole year. Calendar magnets occupy the high traffic zones in homes and offices, which in turn will earn them a lot of eyeballs. Just imagine the extensive exposure your brand imprinted on these attractive full color magnets will get.

If you are aiming for greater market exposure and the best value for money, promotional calendar magnets will make a great choice. These high visibility and budget beating campaign materials will make a great choice for mailer campaigns, tradeshows, store promotions and more. Irrespective of what industry you are in, you can use magnetic refrigerator calendars as give away items.

Offered in a range of inspiring models and shapes like house shaped magnets or rectangle shaped magnets, you can choose calendar magnets that suit your promotional theme. Customize these magnetic refrigerator calendars with your brand, message and artwork to make it an attention grabbing custom handout that will grab easy attention. If you are not sure about the design, our experienced design studio will help you create an engaging custom calendar magnet for you.

There can’t be a single home in America that does not have a custom magnet on their fridge door. By handing out a smartly designed magnetic refrigerator calendars, you can gain enormous brand exposure.

Choose from a vast collection of custom designed magnets that have the class to stand out and be spotted. All our calendar magnets are made in USA from premium quality stock material that will last a long time. Calendar magnets can effectively portray every image of your business and bring your audience closer to your brand in a subtle and fun way without any sales pitch! Be it school calendar magnets, house shaped calendar magnets  or the ever popular pizza calendar magnets, we have it all and more at unbeatable prices.

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