Custom Stickers Make Great Team Spirit Items For Your College Sports Teams

For any sports team to become popular, they may need a strong brand image and community support. Stickers will make a great way to get your word around and enhance the popularity and fan support of your university team. Budget friendly, lively and attention grabbing, custom stickers make a great publicity material for your team. Customize these with your brand, mascot and message to enhance your team’s appeal. You can even think of designing custom stickers to commemorate former star players or milestones. Positive branding will go a long way in building team spirit and loyalty and will draw more sponsors.

2x2 Inch Promotional Square Stickers - White Glossy Shiny Lamination

Custom stickers are available in a range of interesting shapes including die cut stickers that can be made to any shape of your choice. Customize it with your brand and message to make your team stand out. Still on fence? Here are some interesting ways to employ stickers to promote your university team.

Helmet stickers

Helmet stickers will ensure the much desired brand exposure and drive up the competitive spirit within the team. It will boost the morale and the team spirit of the players. The leading players will simply be excited at the thought of decking up their helmets with a lot of performance stickers.

Handouts for fans

Sports enjoy massive fan following. The hardcore sports fans are committed to their favorite teams. Reward their loyalty by handing out these budget friendly stickers that double up as game day souvenirs that your fans will love. They will be excited to display their favorite team’s swag wherever they go, thereby kicking off word of mouth publicity. The best part is that fans will love to sport these colorful stickers on their mobile phones, backpacks or laptops to show their team loyalty. Nobody can resist the idea of putting their favorite team’s bumper sticker on their car!

As cheering items

Cheer for your home team and enhance their home turf advantage with branded stickers that can literally paint the stadium in your team colors. It will build a buzz for your team and will drive up the excitement of the game days. Custom stickers that are imprinted with the team logo or favorite player will grab a lot of attention no matter whether you are a player on the field or a supporter cheering from the sidelines.

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