Refrigerator Magnets – Budget Friendly Handouts To Appease A Mixed Audience

Choosing the most appropriate handouts that will please the audience and remaining within the budget is often a challenging task for most marketers. When you have a diverse audience comprising of people of all age groups and demographics, not many items can match the versatility of custom refrigerator magnets.

Available in a huge variety of stock shapes, sizes and die cut shapes, custom magnets throw open a world of immense promotional potential. Custom magnets can be imprinted with your brand, message, call to action messages and more to turn them into high profile promotional items that are hard to miss. Be it to promote new products, thank your customers or announce holiday deals and discount sales, these full color magnets will make high visibility billboards that will grab easy attention. These made in USA , factory direct magnets made of superior quality stock materials are designed to look great and last long for a long time. A well customized full color refrigerator magnet will not just make heads turn, but make great talking topics as well. So, imagine the word of mouth publicity your brand will get during the course of the life time of  these magnets.

Custom refrigerator magnets can cut a long promotional story short and make it interesting for your audience. The more interesting your story the better will be your brand popularity. Custom magnets thus add a fun twist to an otherwise serious promotional campaign much to the delight of your recipients. Offered on a range of well recognized shapes like house, pizza or van shapes, these custom magnets will scream your service line without talking even a word. For instance you can employ a house shaped magnet to announce new housing projects or to promote your realtor businesses. The moment your prospects are handed out these logo items, they will instantly get connected to your promo message much before they have even read it!

Human brains register shapes and figures faster than text. This is another reason why shaped refrigerator magnets make a perfect choice to cut through the marketing clutter and to grab the undivided attention of your audience. Versatile and gender neutral, refrigerator magnets are well suited for promotions of all types of events and brands and to reach out to a mixed audience of all age groups and demographics because nobody can resist a well customized  full color magnet. Light weight, compact and budget friendly, logo imprinted magnets make great mailer items and tradeshow handouts as well as you can afford to hand out a piece or two to every attendee without compromising on your budget.

Here are some interesting models to consider

Van shaped magnets: Ideal to promote door delivery services and parcel services, these magnets will add wheels to your promotions.

1.37x3.06 Custom Printed Van Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

Picture frame magnets: Everytime your recipients cherish their family snaps and personal moments, they will be reminded of your brand.

3.5x4.5 Custom Picture Frame Oval Punch Magnets 20 Mil

Sports schedule magnets: Your recipients will keep their eyes glued on to your brand as they browse through the sports schedules of their home team!

4x7 Custom Basketball Sport Schedules Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

We have a lot more! Browse along and choose a model that suits your budget.