Why Custom Refrigerator Magnets Seldom Fail?

If you are looking for a sure fire way to make your brand stick on top of the minds of your audience, look no further than refrigerator magnets. Take a glance at your fridge door- you will have magnets in all possible shapes stuck to the fridge doors. A whopping 87% of American households use fridge magnets, which shows its popularity and there’s no indication that they will stop any time soon. So, it is no wonder that more and more businesses are exploiting the marketing potential of these pint sized magnets that hold tremendous popularity and promotional power.

2x3.5 Custom Business Card Refrigerator Magnets 20 Mil

If used properly, custom fridge magnets make one of your most effective marketing tools. If you have not being using refrigerator magnets in your promotions, you are missing out on a wonderful marketing opportunity.

Here are some reasons that prove why fridge magnets always work!

Fridge magnets enjoy incredible popularity

Fridge magnets can cut across age or gender barriers to make ever green promotional items that will appease every genre of audience. These crowd pleasing logo items will enhance the appearance of the bland fridge doors and even defy the gravity simply because fridge magnets are never thrown away!

Staying power

Fridge magnets stick over the fridge doors for a long time staying right in plain view of your audience. Magnets earn a permanent spot on the fridge doors. Have you removed magnets from the fridge doors from where it was stuck many years ago? In all probability the answer will be an emphatic NO. Most recipients retain magnets for years together and this unbeatable staying power of magnets translates into a higher brand visibility.

Fridge magnets are cost effective

Unlike most conventional promotions like news paper ads or billboards that involve renewal charges, custom refrigerator magnets continue to advertise for you 24/7 without any repeat investment or effort. Every time your recipients open the fridge door, these magnets ensure a potential brand exposure for you. Make sure to make your custom magnets stand out by making it attractive and engaging.

Highly functional

Refrigerator magnets are not just attractive and visually appealing for the audience but are highly useful too. Most people make the most of the fridge magnets in holding bills, coupon codes or daily reminders that are easily seen. Easy to maintain and long lasting these simple promotional items enjoy a huge fan following not for nothing. The best part is that there is never any need to put them away and your recipients will never misplace or damage these long lasting billboards of your brand!

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