What Makes Custom Fridge Magnets Undisputed Promotional Items?

Fridge magnets have evolved to be one of the most effective ways to increase brand visibility and familiarity of your audience. Budget friendly and popular, refrigerator magnets add a pop of color and identity to the plain surfaces of fridge doors and will even make a hold up for your little reminders and shopping lists!  Refrigerator magnets enjoy a high retention, which means that your brand and message imprinted on these will remain in front of your recipients for a very long time. Imagine the exposure your brand will get on these every time your recipients open their fridge doors?

Here are some of the unique advantages of custom fridge magnets that make it win hands down as promotional items.

Why fridge magnets

Every household has at least one fridge and 80 per cent of households actually use fridge magnets, which means your brand on custom fridge magnets will get guaranteed exposure. Add to it the big plus that refrigerator magnets never outlive their utility as they not just make fridge décor items but interesting collectibles as well.


Refrigerator magnets offer a lot of choices in shapes and colors, which will give a free hand for marketers to customize these to suit their specific needs. Magnets can be imprinted with your artwork, message or slogan to make it interesting for your audience. A well customized magnet can pique quick interest and curiosity in the minds of your audience, which means that your logo magnets will grab a permanent place on the fridge doors of your recipients. Keep your message simple and readable to ensure maximum branding potential.

3.5x4 Custom Save the Date Wedding Magnets 20 Mil

Diversity is thy trump card

Though the basic objective of any refrigerator magnet is to serve as an easily accessible business card for brands, it is much more than this. Offered in various models like sports schedule calendar magnets, announcement calendar magnets and picture frame calendar magnets among others, the diversity of these custom magnets make it an effective marketing tool. Since it remains of the fridge, these logo magnets will never get lost or misplaced as well.


Fridge magnets cost you only a fraction of the traditional marketing tools like newspaper ads or radio spots because fridge magnets involve just one time investment. Your brand information will enjoy an incredible staying power on these low cost items.


Refrigerators occupy the high traffic zones in homes and offices, where it will be seen by many people. It also happens to be one of the most frequently used household appliances throughout the day. Thus a custom refrigerator magnet will make multiple impressions on a day to day basis, that too without being intrusive as the traditional marketing tools. The brand and message on fridge magnets is easy to access for your customers whenever they need your service or product, which is another advantage of custom fridge magnets.

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