9 Smart Tips To Make Your Save The Date Magnets Really special

Save the dates are not just pre invites for your wedding to let your guests know about your wedding but to leave a lasting impression in the minds of your guests and to make a personal rapport. Apart from adding date and venue of the wedding, you can think of images and artwork that will add an identity to your save the date magnets. Think about interesting wedding theme images and combine them into a blend. We can help you to create wedding magnets that will be retained by your guests all their life and will make your wedding day a reason to celebrate.

Save the date magnets are not just reminders of your special day but will make thoughtful tokens of appreciation for your wedding guests. These personalized invitations will make them feel special and well appreciated. The big plus- the prime location of these custom magnets will make sure that these magnets will be seen everyday even after the wedding day.

Here are some tips to get started

  1. Use bright colors that will keep your wedding date right on top of the minds of your wedding guests. Bold colors grab the attention of even the most forgetful guests. Afterall, save the date magnets are designed to ensure that every guest you invite turn up for your event.
  2. Include colors that complement the theme or season of the wedding. Choose from our collection of themed magnets including beach themed or spring season magnets to create the right milieu and a dramatic sketch of your wedding. Your guests will surely be impressed by these tasters and will look forward to get the most.
  3. Save the date magnets can be simple, ornate or whimsical like a puzzle. Choices are all yours. You can even let your guests know about your hobbies and passion by handing out save the date magnets in such themes. Think about your love for coffee, nature , sports or in fact anything that fascinates you and we can help you find a perfect save the date magnet in your budget.3.25x3 Custom Heart Shaped Save the Date Magnets 20 Mil
  4. Choose engagement pictures or any holiday cards taken after the engagement to spread the cheer and to etch out the image of your dream wedding for your guests.
  5. We absolutely love the idea of save-the-date magnets with calendars or note pads – more functional and well retained.
  6. Refrigerator magnet: Go simple; pick up save the date magnets with just your names and wedding date.
  7. Photo booth magnets: We like these pretty save-the-dates that are designed as photo booth! Show off some of the romantic snap shots as a couple and impress your guests right away.2.25x5.875 Custom Wedding Save the Date Photo Booth Magnets 20 Mil
  8. Photo strip save the date magnets will be a great way to go retro. Put some funny faces, wedding date along with a short message like you are invited or be there. These old fashioned photo strip save -the -date -magnets can accommodate four pictures. Leave your personal stamp and let the world go green with envy!
  9. Football Event Ticket Save the Date Magnets – an all time favorite of footie fans, these save the date magnets will surely cheer the guests too. These magnets will never fail to grab the attention of the guests for sure.3x7 Custom Football Event Ticket Save the Date Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Now that you have the best head turners in your list, it is easy to choose custom magnets that will complement your event. Choose the best or should you find it overwhelming, let us make it happen for you. Marriages are made in heaven; make sure it turns out to be truly special with our custom save the date magnets! Best wishes!