Save the Date Magnets- Spread the Word and Get Your Guests in Party Mood

Save the date magnets can be used to break the news of your engagement and to inform the wedding date to the guests who will be attending your wedding. Choose simple yet elegant magnets as save the dates. Wedding planning comes with countless deadlines and hectic schedules to adhere to. In this mayhem make sure that you do not lose focus of the schedules of your guests by handing out these save the date magnets atleast 3 months prior to the wedding date.


Save the date magnets will enjoy a long retention over your wedding guest’s refrigerators and toasters long after the wedding has taken place. Apart from being a reminder of the wedding date, these will make delightful fridge décor items to hold up all those little notes and reminders. Add a personal note by adding your snapshots, quotes, artwork or anything that you think will describe you the best. Sports loving couples can choose save the dates in a theme that matches their interest whereas outdoor lovers will find beach themed save the date magnets a great option to announce their destination wedding.

Save the date wedding magnets will make surethat your wedding date will remain right on top of your customer’s mind at all times. Every time they open the fridge door to eat their favorite grub, these unique magnets will grab their attention. That’s not all, these colorful magnets will make excellent banter topics over the coffee table among the friends of your wedding guests as well. Nobody can resist a well personalized save the date magnet that is a lot more fun and colors than a formal wedding invitation.4x6 Custom Shore Save the Date Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

What info should go into Your Save the Dates

  • Save the date magnets are a fun and friendly way to announce your wedding date to your guests and friends before the formal wedding invitation is dispatched.
  • Save the date need not be formal as a wedding invite; make it fun and loads of giggles
  • Keep only minimum required information like the date of the wedding on save the dates; you can make use of the rest of the space for snapshots and any other fun insignia that you may wish to put.
  • Choose from a range of shapes like square, round corner magnets and rectangle magnets among many others.
  • An engagement snap will sit nicely on any save the date magnet as it is the subtlest way to tell the world that you are hitched.

There are many more creative ideas and tips to make your save the date magnets as special as you want. Do you find it difficult to make up your mind? Call us and we can suggest some tips that will really make it easy as 1-2-3! Hurry.