Different types of save the date wedding magnets

What is the unique way of asking friends to red mark their calendars about your special day? There are many ways to do so- first you can call them up and pester them to be present on your D-day or you can choose to ask them by handing them a unique save the date wedding magnet. The second option will be liked by most people because along with invitation, you are also providing them the souvenir of the special day. This creative invitation tool helps to make your wedding announcements sound more meaningful.

Couples can choose from different styles of wedding card magnets available in online and offline magnet development stores. Here we are discussing about three popular types of save the date wedding magnets

Calendar magnets

Save the date wedding magnets can be designed like a calendar magnet, carrying prominent highlight of events to be conducted before and after wedding. You can find these custom magnets in many styles such as

  • Photo save the date calendars (carrying romantic photos of bride and groom)
  • Wedding theme calendars (color and design matching the wedding theme)
  • Funky wedding calendar magnet (This is another way of seeking attention)
  • Custom shaped calendars (wedding magnets shaped like butterfly, flowers and etc.)

Postcard magnets

A postcard save the date wedding magnet can be utilized to announce your D-day with pomp and show. You can customize it suitable marriage information and send it across to your loved ones.

Photo frame magnets

A photo frame magnet has been around since last many years, but it’s a thing of the recent past and people have started considering them a valid invitation tool. This is because you can customize it with your wedding information and create a joyful environment. Believe it or not, an invitation sent to your close friends and relatives is enough to pull them to your wedding event.

A wedding save the date magnet is becoming a popular invitation tool for people who wish to wrap their special day in a very unique way.

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