How to make your own magnets for promotion?

Going by this title, we are sure that many of us will be thrilled to know, how it can be done. As, we all have been made to believe and think “energy cannot be created nor be destroyed, only it can be transformed from one form to another”. Similarly “magnets cannot be created from new, but transformed from one form to another”. You will get more information about the same, while reading through this blog on reforming a niche specific magnet for advertising.

Many Forms to Consider……
Gone are the days when advertisers were forced to stick to regular shaped magnets such as round shaped magnets, square shaped magnets, rectangular or triangular shaped magnets and etc. Today, they have plethora of options to choose from –

Custom Shaped Magnets
How many shapes or forms can you recollect in your conscience? If you think of approaching this question with all its seriousness, then it can be seen that at any given point of time any human can recollect about 50-100 shapes in their conscience, but custom shaped magnets are available in more than 1000 shapes.  There are magnets for all occasions and all business niches –

  • If you are pizzeria owner, then its best to go for food shaped magnetic, specifically pizza shaped magnet.
  • If you own a real estate agency, then its best to go for house shaped magnets.
  • If you are a dental surgeon, wishing to promote your clinic, then its best to opt for teeth shaped magnet.

Similarly, advertisers operating in airline industry, cloth industry, or healthcare sector, then you can definitely think of utilizing airline shaped, cloth shaped or pills, bandage or other healthcare related magnetic shapes for promotions. Most of these magnetic shapes are vulnerable to personalization. You can choose to personalize or customize them with suitable brand information in the form of address, URL, brand image or contact address.

Custom Die Cut Magnets
Once again we are repeating the same question. How many shapes an advertiser can relate with his niche sector? The answer may be limited to some 5-10 shapes, but in real they can recollect many more shapes by browsing through the custom die cut magnets offered at magnet stores.  They can even choose to create their own shapes for the purpose of advertising.

Many advertisers don’t understand that creativity is the only key for success in the field of magnetic advertising.

Therefore, the advertisers who are very clear about what their preferences and advertising choices can even try their hands in customizing the regular shaped magnets such as circle, triangular, square or rectangle, and etc. These magnets also make best choice for any kind of advertising due to their authentic shapes.

Many advertisers choose to create a buzz in their campaign to find success, you can also choose to do the same by utilizing the goodness of custom shaped magnets, custom die cut magnets, and regular shaped magnets. The choice is purely yours!

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