Real Estate direct promotion – What type of magnets do I choose?

Real estate is becoming a very competitive niche and realtors have to fight their tooth and nail to make their presence felt. They have been advertising through billboards, posters, or during trade expos or seminars, and etc. Today, these realtors understand that “wise advertising” wins over “costly advertising” and they have resorted to magnetic advertising.  Realtors have been utilizing different types of real estate magnets to promote their service.

If you are a realtor with fiercely high competitive spirit then following magnets may aid you to make a big impression –

  • House shaped magnet – A house is the ultimate dream of any human being living on earth.  This is the common type of magnet used for promotion because everyone can relate to it easily. This house shaped magnet is sometimes offered as refrigerator magnet customized with suitable business information or as a house shaped calendar magnet. Variations do exist in this type of magnet and sometimes it is served as building shaped magnet, house shaped magnet with round corners, and etc.
  • Sold Sign Shaped Magnet – This magnet can be utilized by realtors to intimate people that particular property has been sold to someone. This will help to avoid confusions about the status of property , and also people will take it as a goodwill gesture from the realtor.
  • Real Estate Calendar Magnets – This is also one of the most popular types of magnets utilized for real estate promotions. This magnet has high utility value because it not only serves as a unique service promotion tool, but also as a quick reference and a very typical refrigerator decoration tool too. You can customize these calendar magnets as per the requirements. Generally realtors hand over such magnets in the beginning of the year.
  • Picture Frame or Photo Frame Magnets – This particular magnetic shape is preferred by realtors and customers because they are novel and unique. The magnetic photo frames or picture frames are mostly customized in the type of house. These photo frames will help the customers to capture memories. So, every time a customer happens to see a magnetic photo frame carrying images of their near and dear ones, they will definitely think about your real estate brand, will not battle an eyelid, or miss an ear, while promoting your real estate services amongst others.
  • Magnetic Clips – They are very important office accessories and no office will function without these clips. Being a real estate agent, you can always choose to supply these clips to your suppliers, well –wishers, supporters, customers and etc. Every time they happen to take this clips in hands, they will definitely think of approaching you for their relative’s next project.
  • Postcard shaped magnets – Realtors can make best use of magnetic postcards to send their business messages. They choose to customize it with suitable information regarding the new project, or sales, and etc.

The realtors can make best use of all types of magnets offered at any reputed magnet development store.

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