The Best Occasions For Distributing Save The Date Magnets

Save the date magnets are not just for  making wedding announcements. These can be used to help people remember special days, sports events, milestone celebrations and more  – in both personal and  professional events.  Email alerts  or facebook updates can  be missed; however when your prospects have a tangible  reminder right at places where they’re more likely to see every day, chances are that they will never forget your event and make sure to attend it.
Picture Frame Graduation Announcement Save the Date Magnets

Save the date magnets are incredibly personal, thanks to the customization options on offer. Get your logo and message imprinted on these to encourage your audience to attend. Save the date magnets are so versatile that these can be seamlessly included in any type of event and occasion.

Benefit Dinners

Benefit Dinners bring together like-minded people and communities that work towards a common goal. Save the date magnets pique interest and spread word easily and get your event the desired publicity and attendance.  You can either hand them out in person or send out as mailer items to extend your outreach.

Grand openings

Celebrate the proud moment of your grand opening celebration with save the date magnets and make sure that is well attended. Send out the invitations well before the event to draw in more attendees to make   your store opening a huge success.

Sporting Events

Keeping track of game days is a challenging task for most people. With so many game events happening all around, everyone needs a handy way to keep track of the game days. Send out the save the date invitations for the sports events that you are organizing to make sure that nobody misses out the fun!

Basketball Save The Date Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Music Concerts

Get more people at the venue for your upcoming concert by getting your message across on these full color save-the- date magnets. These make great talking topics as well; so you can expect a capacity crowd at the venue much to your delight. Customize magnets with tagline and fun quotes that align with the event and highlight the fun and glamour of the concert night. These will make great collectibles for every music fan for sure.


Remind your community to exercise their mandate and carry out their most important civic duty with save the date magnets!  It will inspire first time voters and also popularize the name of the candidate that you support . These make great handouts during election rallies and face to face interactions with the voters. It will make the  party symbol and the name of the candidate clearly etched in the minds of the voters and helps them take a well informed decision.

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