School Magnets – The Cost Effective Way To Get Your Message Out

Though schools are not yet closed for the vacations, it is already time for school administrators to start planning about the impending back to school promotions to retain the existing students and to attract new students. With the travelling jobs taking parents far and wide, it has become all the more difficult for schools to retain the students and to maintain healthy student strength year after year. Innovating marketing coupled with freebies can all go a long way in keeping your brand right in front of your audience.

To reach out to the massive audience of school going kids and their parents, you should choose budget friendly handouts to make sure that you do not exceed your promotional budget. Choose light weight and compact handouts like magnets that are easy to distribute and store. These are well suited for mailer campaigns as well. Custom school magnets are well received and retained and will continue to promote your brand message for a long time.

Here are some interesting custom magnets that you will find interesting

Pencil magnet

Nothing says school days than a set of colorful pencils. It is interesting to note that pencils still remain one of the most popular school accessories even in the era of digital learning and touch screen notebooks. Reports say that pencils help students to enhance the dexterity and control while they are in their formative years. These easily recognized pencil shaped magnets will easily grab the attention of students, teachers and everyone around. Personalize these with your school name or mascot before handing these out to the students on the first day of their school. They will love to stick these colorful magnets on their refrigerator doors or study tables as a symbol of school pride.

4x1 Custom Imprinted Pencil Shaped School Magnets 25 Mil

Book shaped magnets

When you have pencils, how can you have no books in your marketing mix? Check out these adorable book shaped magnets that grab easy attention of all the students with its easily recognizable shape. Put your brand, logo or tagline on these and see how your students proudly show these off to their friends taking your message far and wide. Kids will love to make it as their talking topic for a long time for sure.

2.25x2.87 Custom Printed Book Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Business card magnets

These business card magnets will make your brand stick in the minds of your customers forever. Get them imprinted with school contact information or mascot before handing these out. Most parents will retain these over their refrigerator doors as a reference token and school pride symbol. Interestingly these attractive business card magnets will also set off word of mouth publicity for your school because most parents choose their schools by referrals. Whenever someone sees these magnetic business cards on a fridge or a study table, they will be encouraged to note down the contact details if they have school age kids at home. Magnets thus spread your message beyond your target audience without any repeat investment or effort.

2x3.5 Custom Resort Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

School Mascot Magnets

School mascot magnets are excellent school spirit magnets and hugely popular among students. Go for it! Show your pride; show your colors!

4x3 Custom School Contact mascot and Stripes Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

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