Get Ready For Back To School Campaigns With School Magnets

The biggest challenge that schools face every academic year is to ensure a steady students strength. Vacations are also time for families to change their place of residence or jobs, which will also take off kids from the schools they were studying. The educational services market in US is large and growing and schools face stiff competition to stay ahead. Apart from keeping the existing students in fold, schools will have to attract fresh admissions as well to make their institutions thriving and profitable.

Back to school season is the biggest and the most appropriate time for schools to stay connected with their prospective customers. If you are planning a mass promotional event or a mailer campaign to reach out to the families in your community, you need cost effective handouts like promotional school magnets. These are long lasting, well retained and will keep your school name right in front of a large audience. The best part is that an attractive branded magnet will never fail to make a talking topic.

Custom school magnets will make a veritable item of the back to school promotional mix of any school. Be it to welcome the parents and schools to your school during the fresh academic year or to make the kids feel special and appreciated, these pint sized custom handouts can have an overwhelming influence in your audience.

To help you get started, we have listed out a few popular Back to School Magnets in 2017

Calendar Magnets

One of the most popular among school magnets till date, calendar magnets will make a handy reference item for both students and their parents all through the academic year! Apart from being a handy list of holidays, exam dates and sports events, these will make great school spirit items too. Calendar magnets will remain on the fridge doors or filing cabinets for 365 days a year and will grab a lot of attention from anyone who sees it during its life time. Your school name and mascot on these will leave a lasting impression in the minds of the parents and they will surely refer your school to their friends and family in future.

4x7 Custom Refrigerator Magnetic Calendars Magnets 20 Mil

School Bus Magnets

Attractive shapes and quirky designs are the easiest way to grab the attention of students and that is what makes these school bus magnets a hot promotional gift for schools. For kids, school bus is not just a mode of transport from home to school and back but also an interesting place to catch up with their friends, share stories and build friendship. These will be part of their childhood and memories of their school years for a long time. Hand out these bus shaped magnets that will make a school year souvenir for kids and will make your brand part of their happy school day memories.

4.88x2.12 Custom School Bus Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Sports Schedule Magnets

A new academic year also brings along with it an interesting dose of sports events and fun. These sports schedule magnets will give your recipients a quick glance of the interesting sporting events on cards. Cheer the players and foster the team spirit by handing out these custom sports schedule magnets, which will make your school hugely popular among the sports lovers for sure.

3x7 Custom Football Event Ticket Save the Date Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

We have a lot more custom magnet models that can be customized for your brand promotions. Browse along and shop at your pace.

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