School Reunion Magnets Make Souvenirs That Will Never Fail To Impress The Audience

Class reunions are fun, nostalgia and hijinks thrown in equal measures! The excitement, adrenalin and the high decibel party mood will all sum up the milieu of any class reunion. A perfect way to get everyone together, fine hone the cheer leading skills and create a history, class reunions involve a lot of planning to choose the party favors that will surely leave your friends spoilt for choice. Here are a few no fail party favor ideas in custom magnets for the big day!

Class Reunion Party Favors
After all is said and done, at the end of the day, party favors are what make the guests remember the event. So, choosing unique and interesting party favors will go a long way in making your class reunion event a super success. Make sure to choose party favors that exude the school spirit and reunion mood.

We have listed some of the reunion party favor ideas for custom magnets that will surely make an impression among your audience.

Alumni Items: Imprint your logo and message on these school sprit magnets and bring back the nostalgic memories of the school days. Check out these school magna phrase magnets that have ample space for all your creative thoughts, messages, quotes and mascots. Your recipients will surely love to get these expressive magnets which will make life time souvenirs of their school days.5.5x5.5 Custom School Magna Phrase Magnets 20 Mil

School reunion gifts should represent the common interests of the class as a whole to give it a unique personality. So, if your batch has had a lot of football fans and players, can there be a better gift idea than these football helmet shaped magnets. Imprint your sports club mascot, catchy slogans and peppy quote to make these custom magnets lively.

Monogrammed Items: Magnets make perfect items for monogram personalization. Imprint your school name, logo and reunion year, which will make these priceless keepsakes for all your guests for a very long time.3x3.5 Custom Photo Frame Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Picture frame magnets will make a delightful way to take a stroll down the memory lane. Imprint your school snaps to transform these magnets into class reunion party memorabilia with a class.

Planning a class reunion party guide has never bees as easy as this. Choose gifts that will ensure that the meet up with your old pals turn out to be a super special experience. Make sure to choose custom magnets that complement the mood in the air and the event. Should you need selection tips and suggestions, call or email us at custommagnets direct and leave the rest to us! So, what are you waiting for? Bring out these fabulous personalized magnets and get the party started on a brilliant note!